Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Summertime Sizzle



Because I know you love to read, I'm sharing details of some amazing summertime sales. If you enjoy contemporary, paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi books then click on the link below and grab these deals while they last.

Destiny of the Witch

In between running my youngest kid around this summer, I am finishing the final book in The Rise of Orion series, Destiny of the Witch. It has been the hardest book to write for a variety of reasons, but I will get there.

To wet your appetite, I am sharing the cover, which I hope you love as much as I do. 

Destiny of the Witch is the culmination of five years of work focusing on the rise and fall of soul-shifter Ella Masters. She is a beautiful, haunted creature that has never believed she deserved to be happy because in her previous lives she has been betrayed, tortured, and murdered. 

In this book, as Ella attempts to keep her family safe, she faces her nemesis,  the Morrigan, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, which they believe is her husband Marcus. A vision has predicted that Ella will fight the shadow queen in the Temple of the Gods, and they have hatched a plan to outwit the devious goddess. But at the wedding of Roman De'Luca and Isabella Lockhart everything changes. On the brink of war, Ella believes her destiny is to surrender to the Morrigan to save those she loves, but there is more at play that it seems, especially when the Devil gets involved.

This is the thrilling climax to The Rise of Orion series. 


Fall in Love with New England Conference.

I love any event which puts me in front of the readers. I get to chat about my work, the plots in my books, meet some wonderful people who still love to read, and sell books.

I just love it.

The next great /reader conference I am attending is called Fall in Love with New England. I will be there in Nashua, NH October 18-19, 2019.

There will be giveaways, Halloween trick or treat, readers costume party, and a book signing, which is free to the public on Saturday afternoon.

Click on the link below for more information, or again email me and I can answer any questions you have.

Forgotten Love 

My contemporary romance is only 99cents grab a copy now and enjoy book 1 in the Bound by Love series...

Link to Amazon

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Author Theresa Van Spankeren

I love to share other authors that I meet along my writing journey, and today, I'm introducing you to hardworking with two jobs, indie author, Theresa Van Spankeren. We have know each other on Facebook for a couple of years, and I have enjoyed reading her fantasy stories.

Here is a little bit about the lady herself...

Theresa Van Spankeren lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her fiancé and pug. She enjoys hiking, exploring haunted places, playing Zelda, and swimming. She has been writing almost as long as she has been reading. Her first stories were based off of The Babysitters Club. She also tried to write mysteries at an early age because she loved Nancy Drew. While she learned she was a better mystery reader than writer, it didn’t stop her love for both.


In high school, she started writing X-Files fanfiction with recurring vampire characters. From these stories and characters evolved the idea for the War of Destiny series. Julia, once just a half-formed secondary character in this fanfiction, had her own story to tell. Hers is one of overcoming adversity and trauma, learning to love, and discovering her strength and power to embrace her destiny. Julia’s story spans three published novels, War of Destiny 1: Lost Soul, War of Destiny 2: Pursuit into Darkness, and War of Destiny 3: Between Darkness & Light. She is currently working on releasing a 2nd edition of the first book, as well as working on other additions to the series.

Keep up to date with her latest happenings at her webpage or Social Media:

Thank you, Theresa for giving us some insight into your life as an author, and thanks everyone for taking a peek at my blog. I will be attending the North Andover Sheep Shearing Festival on Sunday. 19TH May, and I hope to see you there!

Remember, I have a free book out right now. It's the prequel in The Rise of Orion series, it is a shocker and not for the faint of heart. Link below.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New release: Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love

💥💜~~~Forgotten Love~~~💜💥

         My #newrelease, Forgotten Love is now LIVE.

It's the first book in the Bound by Love series, which centers around four military buddies who are rebuilding their lives after serving their country and the women who give them a reason to overcome their demons and find happiness.

                   It's #free on Kindleunlimited.... 

                   Universal link to Forgotten Love Kindle version                   


Blurb for Forgotten Love

I’m an ex-Navy SEAL. A wounded warrior with a hard-ass exterior and a checkered past to match. All I care about is my outdoor survival business—teaching others the skills they need to survive in the face of danger.

But fate has a wicked sense of humor.

From out of nowhere this brunette-beauty with the easy smile and doe-eyes walks into my life…and it’s not the first time.

Summer doesn’t remember me. But she’s the one I can’t forget.

I know that she’s in danger, and I’ll gladly give in to every protective instinct I have when it comes to keeping her safe.

There’s a reason fate sent her my way for a second time.

Only, this time…I won’t fail her.

Not again.

Enjoy and I hope if you read the book, you will let me know what you think!  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Writing in local coffee shops!

As a writer, I've become comfortable secluded away in my office tapping away and creating my stories. It's where I find, I am most productive. However, there are times I venture outside and meet my fellow authors to brainstorm the writing process. Many times, we end up inside a local coffee shop. This started me thinking about whether I could, once a month, actually write in a productive way in such a location, and of course, I wanted to write about this adventure.

I decided to choose local coffee shops within a maximum of a 20 mile radius from my home, because I do not want to spend all my time driving to get there.  I want to write!

This first place, I was frothing at the mouth and super eager to visit is right on my doorstep. A mere 15 minute drive.

                                           Battle Ground Coffee Co, Riverwalk, Lawrence.

I was excited to try this place after learning that it's run by a husband and wife team, namely Dana and Salvatore DeFranco. What also piqued my interest was the fact that Salvatore is an ex-Navy SEAL. This stirred my writers mind, especially because I am creating my Bound By Love series which centers around 4 ex-military buddies who rebuild their lives after serving their country.

I felt, I needed to touch base with this entrepreneurial couple, and not only explore my ability to write in their coffee shop, but to discuss their story, and learn more about the challenges they have faced.

Anyway, I visited Battle Grounds Coffee Co's new location which has only been open a few weeks. Their second cafe is a smaller site in Haverhill. The café I visited in Lawrence is right on Washington street with ample free parking for up to 90mins. The inside offers a spacious seating area with plenty of tables and seats for customers. They offer a variety of drinks, snacks, and wraps.

I sat at one of the tall tables at the back of the cafe looking out at the front. There were plenty of power outlets on the wall and I powered up ready to write while sipping on my lovely hot chocolate. I had hoped to visit earlier in the day, because that's when I write the most, but I didn't get there until 3 p.m. It was quiet, although a few customers called in for take-out orders, and another table was occupied by a group of local businessmen, so the distractions were kept to a minimum. For the most part, I was happy to sit and attempt to write. But perhaps, because I'm starting a new writing project, or because writing in this environment is new to me, I didn't make much progress, which only served to make me feel frustrated.


I'm thinking, it may be better to spend two hours promoting while I am in a coffee shop because that doesn't require me to switch off completely. I found myself people watching and staring around which doesn't aid my writing. The coffee-shop closed at 5p.m. as part of it's soft opening and by then I was ready to leave, having only jotted some notes about this blog, and not having accomplished my objective for that day, which was to start chapter 2 for Destiny of the Witch.

Next time, I will definitely bring my headphones. I think, however, this is going to take me some time before I feel comfortable.

For those of you that do write in public places, please, share any tips you have learned over time, or stories you're willing to share, I would love to hear them.

A few more facts about Battle Ground Coffee Co, "It's a little bit about serving coffee and a lot about serving your community," I love that even after serving his country, Mr. DeFranco is giving back and helping others making it very much a part of his business philosophy. The strong couple are involved in local initiatives to help battle homelessness among the veterans and host community events in their coffee shop. Needless to say, I will be back and hopefully, I will get the chance to chat with them about how they overcame their challenges together.

"The success of your mission depends on your skill, proficiency, and attention to detail. Start with the right tools."

I also love the fact that Mr. DeFranco acknowledges the important roles his wife and mother have played in his recovery and success. He carried the skills, he learned as a child through his Navy SEAL days and uses it today in his business, quoting mental toughness and resilience which helped him discover the man he has always been even after leaving a career he had hoped to pursue for many years to come.

I wish both Dana and Salvatore DeFranco much continued success and happiness. Please, check out their coffee shops and they have an on-line presence so you can order products from anywhere.

          Till next month, when I will be visiting another local coffee place, Cafe Nero in Andover...

Monday, February 18, 2019

Author interview: Satin Russell

Today, I have fellow author Satin Russell as a guest to chat about herself and her books. I first met Satin several months ago while we were both attending a holiday shopping event at Lowell Technical high school selling our books. Of course, I bought her book, Secret Hunger, which is a great read and it’s why I invited her along to talk shop. I love to hear another author’s story.   

Satin Russell is an indie author living in Massachusetts. Growing up, she was an avid reader who wanted to be either an English teacher, librarian, or author. However, life took her in a different direction and she became a financial advisor. Then, on the eve of her 36th birthday, she decided to follow her dreams. Now, she’s published the first two books in her romantic suspense trilogy called The Harper Sisters.

                                                                               Secret Hunger Synopsis:
Secret Hunger is the first book in the Harper Sisters Trilogy. It follows the story of Olivia Harper, who is the oldest of the three sisters. Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life where you knew the decision you made would affect everything? That’s the kind of decision Olivia is facing at the beginning of Secret Hunger.

                                                                                   Secret Hunger Blurb:
                                                         **She’s chasing dreams.**

Olivia, a café owner and cook, never regretted forsaking her dreams to finish raising her sisters after the death of their parents. Now grown, they've moved out of the house, leaving Olivia free to pick up where she left off — if she can find the courage to start over.

                                                         **He's hunting nightmares.**
Mason is a Boston police detective, recuperating from a tragic incident that left his partner dead. All he wants is to heal and get back to the job of hunting the killer down. The last thing on his mind is romance.

                                              **Finding love wasn't in either of their plans. **
But as things heat up between Olivia and Mason, events happen that make her realize she's drawn a far more sinister kind of attention. Suddenly, she finds herself fighting not only for her dreams, but her very life!

This is a romantic suspense novel with a HEA and NO cliffhanger!
Readers 18+

This is the first book in the Harper Sisters Trilogy, but each book can be read as a stand-alone.
Secret Hunger is available for sale on Amazon.

                           Social Media Links:
    Satin Russell Newsletter:
   Amazon Author Page:

Secret Hunger Excerpt:
Olivia hunched over her steering wheel while the headlights cut a swath through the hypnotic swirl of flakes. The squeak-swish of the wipers kept pace with her heart as they struggled to keep up with the storm. Luckily, the snow plows had been hard at work and the accumulation on the roads wasn’t too bad.
At the end of Centre Street, she took a left and made her way up the hill and out of town. The roads were icier here, the reason she always hated driving this hill in the winter. Olivia knew she’d have to accelerate to have any hope of making it up the slope, and mentally crossed her fingers.
The good news was she was used to Maine’s storms, having lived in the area all her life. The bad news was she was driving her 4-door sedan with no four-wheel drive and very little tread on her tires. She’d been saving up money to replace them, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.
Just before she reached the crest of the hill, another vehicle came flying over the rise, sliding around the curve. Olivia had just enough time to take her foot off the gas and turn the wheel, barely missing being side-swiped by the reckless driver. Her car began to lose its forward momentum up the slope.
“No, no, no…come on!” She muttered as her car started to slide down the slope backwards. She pressed on her brakes and could feel the tires spinning without purchase as the backside of her car slid, angling towards the ditch on the side of the road.
“Ugh!” she pounded her hands against the steering wheel. “This is NOT what I needed right now.”
She climbed out and looked at her car lying canted sideways in the ditch. At least she wasn’t blocking the road, she thought ruefully. Olivia climbed back into the driver’s seat and pulled her cell phone out of her pocket.
“No bars. Of course. This afternoon just gets better and better,” she grumbled. It was already nearly full dark due to the storm, and the last thing she wanted to do was to wait until someone came along to help her out. Most sane people would already be cozied up in their homes by now. Who knew when the next person would be by?
With that thought in mind, Olivia secured her hat on her head, fastened her coat, and gathered her grocery bag from the passenger seat. It wasn’t too long a walk back to the house. Besides, she was already halfway up the hill. She’d just have to get Liz to pull her car out and tow it back to the shop tomorrow after the storm. Reluctantly, she locked the car, and with a final backwards glance, started the trek up the hill to her house.
About twenty yards from her car, she wondered if she’d made the right decision. The whole world felt cold and desolate. The sky was already gray, and growing darker by the minute. Soon she’d feel like the last person left in a frozen, lonely world.
Maybe she should have just stayed in her car. At least she’d be able to have the heater on. She briefly debated pulling her phone out and checking for service, but taking her gloves off to use the phone seemed unbearable in the wind.
Just then, a Ford pickup truck pulled up alongside her and the passenger window rolled down. “Hey! I’m guessing that was your car back there. Need a lift?”
Sighing with relief, she smiled and turned towards the truck, surprised to find herself facing the man she’d noticed earlier at the diner. Oh wow, was her first thought. He was even better looking up close.
He leaned across the cab and popped the door open. “Here, get in. It’s way too cold, let alone dangerous, for you to be walking alongside the road like that.”
Gratefully, she lifted her grocery bag onto the seat and crawled up into the cab. She briefly fought the wind to close the truck door, and then just sat back with her eyes closed and breathed for a moment. The man let her take a second to get her bearings, but she could feel him watching her and discreetly looked back over at him.He was dressed in a Carhartt coat that did amazing things for his shoulders. Black, tousled hair was in disarray, probably from the knit hat that was on the console beside him. His jaw had a couple of days’ worth of scruff, which just worked to make him seem even sexier. He had a high brow and straight nose, but really, it was his eyes that stole her breath away. They were clear and as blue as a distant summer’s day, and at the moment, looked more than a little concerned.

                                     Well, thank you Satin for joining us today, and good luck with all your future writing projects! Before I close, I have to slip in a promo for my upcoming release, Forgotten Love, due out 12th March, about a second chance at love. 


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

The Vineyards of Allegretti 

My gift to you this Valentine's Day for 99cents. I couldn't help to write this story because of my love of Italy and wine. Fabio the hospitality manager of the Poliziano winery helped me to fill in some technical details to enable me to have an understanding of what happens on a working vineyard. Plus, I was able to visit the winery in person and met another author who worked there from NYC!!! It was a magical experience and beyond everything I imagined! It makes me want to write book 2....                                                                 #mafia #romance #vineyard #wine                                                                                                                          AMAZON 

Nearly, three years ago, we made our first trip to Italy, and I still remember strolling through the  streets of the hilltop town of Montepulciano, Tuscany, like yesterday. If there is ever I place I go could back again  and again it is Italy. We spent another couple of weeks there in 2018, touring around the south, but I have a penchant for the north and I am desperate to go back. Everywhere we went the people are friendly and warm. The beauty of the country boundless, the food mouthwatering, and even the house-wine is a gift from the gods.

Perhaps because this was the first trip in many years I made with just my husband and with four kids that is rare, but this place to me will always be magical and special. A place to sit, and savor life, preferably with a good glass of wine and one of the many fresh pastries on offer. 


 Blurb for The Vineyards of Allegretti 

Photos of an intoxicated and out-of-control Vivian King, taken after a night in Paris, are splashed across the tabloids. Her memories of the night are vague. Suspended from college, her only choice is to return home to Michael Allegretti, the man who broke her heart four years ago. He holds the key to her frozen heart and her financial independence. This time, Vivian isn’t leaving until she’s claimed them both and given Michael a taste of his own medicine.

However, Michael Allegretti has plans of his own and will not allow the family's vineyards to be divided. When a disastrous business venture risks the vineyards falling into the wrong hands, he decides to use every trick in the book to keep what he has worked so tirelessly for, even if it means settling for a marriage of convenience.

With the mafia involved, plus a psychotic ex-lover, Vivian risks not only losing her heart but her life as well.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 21, 2019

New year, new beginnings!

Happy Monday everyone

I spent Christmas in London with my kids, and then traveled down to Wales to spend New Year with all my family. It was the first time, we have all been together in several years, and it was wonderful.

Now, I'm back, and in full author mode with one book being edited, one book due to be released in the next two weeks, and an outline for the next book to be written!!!

I also have BIG NEWS, I have signed with Limitless Publishing company to release my contemporary romance called FORGOTTEN  LOVE ....

The first book in The Bound by Love Series set in Bridgton, Maine. The books will center around the lives of four ex-military buddies who have been medically discharged from the service, and the dynamic woman who fall for them.

A little teaser from Forgotten Love, Summer Hamilton and Rafe Byrant's story. It is due for release on March 12th. If you are interested in an ARC let me know, my publisher, has a few to hand out. I am also looking for bloggers who would post a media package on their site.

After a horrific car accident, interior designer, Summer Hamilton, is left with retrograde amnesia and panic attacks making living in the city impossible. Sleepy Bridgton, Maine, she figures is the perfect hideaway with zero distractions to recover from the triggers of the past.
But married ex-Navy SEAL Rafe Byrant blasts her new-found tranquility to hell when he appears like her guardian angel at every disaster she encounters. Just the sound of his honeyed voice conjures up wild fantasies and a craving for his lips. The wounded warrior vowed to stay away from Summer, and focus on the outdoor survival business, STEPS, but when a dangerous situation arises, his protective instinct takes over.

He believes fate has delivered the brunette with the easy smile and ‘doe eyes’ into his life a second time for a reason.

This time—he won’t fail her.

Soon the electrifying sparks are too irresistible to ignore. But what is the mysterious man hiding?
As missing memories resurface, will they keep them from finding true love and happiness?

FYI....Capturing the Last Welsh Witch, the first book in The Rise of Orion series is only 99 cents for a limited time. So grab a copy now, and let me know what you think?

                                                                  AMAZON USA

Just like the Star Wars saga, the prequel for The Rise of Orion series is coming out by the end of January. Becoming the Witch is the platform to launch the hot paranormal series, and it's Lady Elizabeth Dempsey's  haunting and tormented love story.

As always, happy reading. I hope you find your new book boyfriend among the pages of my books.  
Cheers, Jen.