Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Witch's Heart book two in The Rise of Orion series

London 2017
The summer is crazy for me. First off, I have been traveling to, Florida, London, and Wales all fun trips. Too much to drink and eat!!! You can check out my pictures at the bottom. When school ended and summer vacation started, my friend invited us to stay with her at her condo in Florida. How could I pass that up? My youngest had a blast, and it was the relaxing break I didn't know I needed. We swam in the Indian Ocean, fished on a boat with our own Captain Jack, and dined in The Bubble room.

After that quick break it has been non-stop. No sooner did I arrive home than I had 24hrs to unpack, wash clothes, clean the house,  and repack before catching the next flight to London. My husbands friend, was getting married back in Wales and we decided to make a holiday of it by stopping in London for several days before we went to Cardiff.

It was a fantastic trip, busy as we walked miles every day to capture as many sights as possible, and travelled by all modes of transport from plane, train, taxi, bus, cable car, and water taxi. Now, I'm back in the States. My kids are home, and I'm busy with my book release for August. Therefore, my strong women series is on hold until September!


                                                                  THE BLURB

Secluded away in a secret mansion on the beautiful coast of Maine, pregnant, soul-shifter, Ella, should be happy. Instead, knowing her enemies, the sinister Professor and the nefarious Elusti remain, she’s tormented with dread for the future of her unborn child.

Stubborn ex-navy SEAL Marcus refuses to forgo his mission with the security team Orion even after his emotional wife dreams him dead. Determined to keep her safe, he asks her to remain at the high-tech security fortress to take care of their baby.

However, you cannot outrun destiny because it lurks in the darkness waiting. When Ella’s worst fears materialize they are shattered by loss and guilt. Each blames the other putting their love to the ultimate test. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the one you love?

                                   A TEASER

Pre-order your copy today and it will be delivered right to your Kindle on the 1st August! #newrelease A fast paced paranormal romance that is full of heat, betrayal, loss, and forgiveness! #alphamales #strongwomen #reincarnation Please share with all your friends!

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