Thursday, May 5, 2016

R.J.Davies Mornix

I would like to welcome author R.J.Davies Mornix to my blog this morning to talk about her latest release!

                                             My book is called "Maddox Files: Back to Business"


26 year old Dice Maddox living in Toronto, Ontario struggles with her failing love life and a career she doesn't love deciding to get back into a business she was once good at. Ryan Winters her first client was a confirmed bachelor until he had a small car accident, a woman named Lily Winters claims to have been married to him for 6 months. Digging deeper into Lily Winters, Dice soon discovers that she isn't who she says she is but wait what is she? a demon? an alien? will Dice Maddox first case back be her last?

Short Bio: R. J. Davies Mornix dreamed of being a published author since she was eight years old. She has always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. She grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, had lived in Toronto for a few years, where she met her husband, Dave Mornix, who has been her biggest fan and supporter. She now lives back in Sault Ste. Marie with her husband, two sons, Davey and Denziel, and their two cats, writing plots, conversations, and scenes in ratty notebooks, napkins, and slips of torn-up, coffee-stained envelopes. When asked why she writes, her answer is, "It's a need, really, like breathing ... I have to do it."



Maddox Files: Back to Business
This book is the first in a series of books to come! Click here to meet the Characters for this book and recurring in the books to come.



it's available in eBook, Soft Cover, Hard Cover
and it's available on,, Balboa Press, Barnes & Noble, Indigo/Chapters/Coles, Kobo
it's a private investigation/science fiction