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How to Become a Professional Writer |

How to Become a Professional Writer

In my work space which is situated at the back of my house, overlooking the garden, it is in fact the sun room, but I have acquired it. I don't take up too my space. I have a small desk with my computer and monitor, a small bookcase with paper, files, newspaper clippings, magazines, and a selection of must haves a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a selection of books I am reading including 1984, Evenfall, a collection of short stories by F.S.Fitzgerald, and Pride and prejudice. I love this room because it doesn't matter whether it is the winter, spring or any of the seasons, there is always activity in my garden, and I find it lovely to look at. My choice of a location as a writer, if I  was able to pick, would definitely be over looking the sea. Natural beauty is very inspirational, and to be able to go for walks along the beach, and think through stories must be heaven.

So I am in awe of  writer Susan Wiggs, who lives in a beautiful beach front home on Bainbridge Island, on the West Coast. She say's, "Having a water view from anywhere in the house is essential to my creative process. I find my best ideas on the beach or in the forest, picking up story lines and plot twists like colorful bits of sea glass on the beach or pinecones in the woods." I love that because it is so true, I remember walking around the MFA in Boston, and bringing a note book with me. I started to write about some of the statues of Buddha,recording their meaning and  history thinking at some point I may want to use it, somewhere in a story. I think you have to be open to everything, as you never know when you may need to use it and some things just stand out as being worthy of writing about.

Anyway, this week has been particularly frustrating, after believing I had the answer to rewriting by having two screens with which to work from, my computer decides it has had enough and starts a rebellion. I swear it is taking over, and changing the font and format, basically driving me crazy with its stopping, and starting, it freezes then un freezes, argh. Added to that, is the fact it has been incredibly busy with the boys, having all manner of appointments, a welcome delivery of a new settee, and love seat, which obviously means some preparation ie cleaning the room, the skirting board, the windows, polishing the shelves, cleaning the carpets, sorting out all the cupboards, and toys, which takes a morning. Hence to say, I feel as if I am going nowhere fast. This sets off a sense of panic, as I realise the kids are only in school for just over 7 weeks and I wonder if my rewriting will be finished by then ???? How does anyone with children manage to finish their writing ????

A snap shot of the small town Mia lives in , taken from Chapter One,

Climbing up the steps that lead onto our front porch, there is a sign which reads 1895, the year the yellow colonial house was built, as you enter through the large, oak front door you find yourself inside a wide generous foyer, with chestnut colored hardwood floors that lead throughout the entire house. When we first moved in the d├ęcor was rather dated, with floral wall paper covering most walls; and the kitchen was tired looking too, with old appliances and units. Mum had said it was a project that she could not wait to work on, the house definitely needed some tender loving care and a new lick of paint everywhere. However, I had been pleased, because I had my own bathroom which was great, no more waiting in line, also another good thing was the fact it was downtown, which meant we had pavements.
              This meant it was safe to walk and you had somewhere to go, strolling into town you pass by a variety of cheerfully painted houses, all styles and sizes, the streets are lined with trees that sprout pretty pink and white blossoms in spring. Walking downtown which is only a couple of minutes away, you pass by a brillant white Gothic facade church, with striking spires ontop of the towers, and an impressive black and gold clock, the church is well over a hundred years old. Then you reach the small centre, where there are a couple of second hand stores, several   hairdressers, and in a red brick building the town offices. Also, nearly every day you can hear the sirens calling out from the fire trucks as they leave the station, which is housed right in the middle to attend an emergency. Across from the fire station, is a small modern mall which includes a busy coffee shop, a pharmacy, and a popular diner, where on any given day you can smell the wonderful aroma of freshly cooked bread, from the newly opened bakery. The smell always makes you feel so hungry, it is hard to walk past.
I am not sure if this gives a real sense of the town I am trying to "Breathe life into my words"

"Awriters tool box contains, words, imagination, a love of books, a sense of story and ideas for how to make the writing live and breathe. Writing can be hard and it can take years to be the kind of writer you want to be."     Ralph Fletcher.
Also check out my short story The Vineyards of Allegretti let me know what you think ,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Colorful rockstar - This is for you Jenny

I read somewhere that when ever you have the opportunity to travel if you are a writer, seize this chance and use it, as it serves to feed the writers mind and creativity. As I am driving to Washington DC for vacation ( I now have a pen everywhere I go and a notebook of some sort) I find myself doodling words about the way the sky looks. I could not help it, we were driving past the Tapenzee bridge in New York and I wished we could have stopped to take a picture. It was dusk and the sun was a pale pink , the sky was was like a striped Blue Raspberry and Cotton Candy Icee it was so pretty. The song colorful came on and I just melted, there seemed to be such harmony. I had to write it down and several adjectives, just to describe the sky. Who knows when you may need to remember that scene? I feel as if I need to capture everything, in case I may need to use it when writing? Is that the same for any one else?

It has been two weeks since I last really worked on my novel, that's my confession. I admit I have felt quite bereft. Also, a tiny bit scared that I will never be able to pick up where I left off, or indeed ever finish it, or be able to think of anything else to write. After writing a short story a couple of weeks ago, I proved to myself somewhat, that I am capable of other ideas but even so. This week as I was on holiday from my novel, The Promise, I did have two further ideas that gave me a wonderful thrill. Firstly maybe another short story taken out of the novel called Sundara, telling the tale of Robert and Mia, before they go on their time travelling quest, looking at their life in this marvelous place in the future and the constraints it places on them. Then, I had a completely off the block idea about a serious topic of adolescent bullying, the ramifications and consequences, for the victim and the bully. Told from the view of the victim, who after committing suicide comes back to haunt the bully. Her mission is to get the bully to confront her treatment of others and make changes for the better, then she can enter heaven??? Not sure if this is a completely ludicrous idea?

So, I have started a notebook particularly dedicated to write down ideas for stories. When my oldest son was in High school I began to think there were so many important issues that  adolescents face and go through.It can be a heart wrenching experience, full of first's. High's and low's. I longed at the time  to write a serious young adult novel. So this is all research for the time when I feel I can tackle such a deep topic with skill, sensitivity and warmth. And after a lot of research and insight!

Anyway, will try to start some rewriting this week. However, and I dont know if this is the case for anyone else but if I know I have something else in my diary to do, I feel I cannot settle to write. Tomorrow is a big ?? as I am either in school volunteering or home looking after my little one, who was home sick today. Will see what the night brings. So possibly I can start again, Wednesday ? After meeting with my consult who is a lovely lady, very inspiring and talented, I am thinking I need to retitle my write up about my blog, taking out the fixed goal of a year, as I am pretty sure it is going to take me longer to finish the novel, maybe longer than I ever imagined, but I will endeavour. Thank you .

Good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you; the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse, and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. -Ernest Hemingway

Friday, April 15, 2011

Carrie Ryan Book Video Award 2008 Finalist (The Forest of ...

I know I said I would not post again this week, however as this is a diary, when there are events that I need to record so that I can reflect upon them, an exception is made. Yesterday, was the worst day so far in the 7 months I have spent as a full time writer. After submitting a short story to Amazon Kindle as a test  and to gain some experience, I was shocked that within 48hrs I had received an email, congratulating me on the publication of my first ebook. I have to admit I didn't quite get the euphoria I was expecting. It is my hope one day to be published via the traditional route, but I thought as a new, inexperienced, writer with no history in print, I should start somewhere.

Anyway, as soon as I realised my book was available, I made the very quick and rash decision to notify everyone and anyone, sending the link off to my friends, posting it on Face book, attaching it to my blog, in fact any avenue I could think of,  I pasted the necessary details. Then I took a breath and thought very nostalgically, lets just take a look, I cannot tell you how many times I have read and re/read, but it had about a week since I last checked. Well, I nearly died,  words popped out at me that were either completely wrong or were spelt incorrectly, I was mortified. What was worse was the fact that it takes 24hrs for publishing and in that time you cannot make any changes. Leaving me sinking right into the floor, wanting to hide away from everyone, my head was throbbing so much I thought it might explode. I did not know quite frankly whether to laugh or cry last night. After waiting until 10.30 last night to see if the book would be active, which didn't happen. I went to bed, very unhappy even after eating several dark chocolate, coconut filled bars, the mini one's.

Needless to say I couldn't sleep. The thought that friends, people I know, anyone, would buy something that regardless of the quality of the story, it's likability, the characters, the fact that someone would pay money for a book where the spellings are less than what they should be or the very story does not make sense because of the incorrect words, literally made me want to cry. I question whether I have what it takes to really go through this journey as there are so many components to it, I get so impatient and frustrated at my own lack of knowledge, rushing almost, feeling as if I am late for a very important meeting. I am not sure why I feel this way, perhaps because I am a late bloomer, perhaps because I feel intimidated by other writers who seem so steeped in experience, knowledge, an unlimited vocabulary and just pure brilliance.

Anyway, this morning it was Live, so I went back in and requested that my husband act as a proofreader for me. He reads very slowly, which is perfect as he is thorough and after checking through it again, we reformatted the file and sent the updated version. The story is still the same, that has not changed however I now feel that at least you can focus on the story and the characters, rather than the mistakes . It teaches me to take a break from the manuscript, no matter whether it is a novel or a short story, see it with clear eyes and definitely get someone else to read it through. I have learned that whether your work is published via Kindle or the Traditional route, whether it is a short story or a novel ,your name is out there and it is terrifying.  I want my name to be remembered for the correct reasons,  to build up a credible resume, and to feel proud of my work. To do any of this takes time I have to learn not to rush and to understand the power of being in print. I endeavour to learn from my mistakes and move on.

I am taking a break now . After the holidays I have a meeting with my consult, I plan then to print out the whole manuscript make the changes by hand, and then go chapter by chapter rewriting the promise back onto the computer. This is a big decision for me, it is not starting all over again, but it is taking a new look at my work, rather than copying and pasting which is driving me to distraction as I completely lose all sense of the story. So, whereas I estimated the rewriting phase to be  around 2 weeks I am going to surpass that and at this stage I leave it wide open. I am not going to give up, my confidence in my ability is shaken , I can only apologise to those who bought the ebook already and if you want a refund let me know.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
More funny Oscar Wilde quotes

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting the Words Right.

Last week was a strange week for me, I had my final consultation for an hour by phone. Many things were said, so many I began to take notes, letting my helper simply speak and give me her ideas and feedback. On many issues we agreed which was a relief, I am so new to this experience that I kept waiting for her to tell me more. However when it came to a close I realised her words were true, at the end of the day the best critic is yourself, because you look to find fault and it is actually really hard to believe, when someone pays you a compliment. So armed with another plan I spent most of the week trying to edit and reorganise my work.

Unexpectedly, then I was introduced through a friend, to a lady who is a writer herself, discovering someone who is going through the same experiences that you are is so important, as you always need support. It is difficult to find anyone who wants to talk about writing and about all the issues involved for any length of time, unless it is someone equally passionate about it. So even though most weeks I have been a reclusive person, only venturing out for the odd weekly coffee with a friend. I did arrange to meet up, so excited to be able to talk shop.

Not only did I make a lovely friend but she inspired me to venture into the unknown. As a result I found myself taking a break from my novel and writing a short story, which I then submitted on Monday to Roar, who are actively seeking submissions for their magazine. It was a challenge, I was not sure I could take my head out of my novel, and create something new, plus I wanted to complete it fairly quickly so that I could resume with my long term project. Anyway, I managed to submit just under 5000 words I am not sure it is really any good, but I felt pleased that I was able to at least write something. Check out the web site below for submission guidelines.

Last week felt long and it occurred to me that writing is not a quick fix, I know every time I look at my work I think I need to make it better. It is a labour of love, and you need to have incredible stamina, because getting anything published is even harder, and I am beginning to worry that may never happen. The only way to continue is to improve and work harder. As always feedback is important, those of you who I have shared my work with, I do put myself out there, because I need to know what people think that way I can get better, I may not be quite there yet but one day, who knows!

Finally, I would love to start a writers group, it would be great to meet up locally to share our experiences and to be able to bounce ideas off one another, if anyone would be interested or knows of anyone please let me know, best wishes.

More than a half, maybe as much as two-thirds of my life as a writer is rewriting. I wouldn't say I have a talent that's special. It strikes me that I have an unusual kind of stamina.
John Irving

Interviewer: How much rewriting do you do?
Hemingway: It depends. I rewrote the ending of Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, 39 times before I was satisfied.
Interviewer: Was there some technical problem there? What was it that had stumped you?
Hemingway: Getting the words right.
(Ernest Hemingway, "The Art of Fiction," The Paris Review Interview, 1956)   Check out this web site if interested in submitting short stories, poems closes 15th April. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just breathe

When you pursue something and it is a hobby, an interest, merely something you undertake to pass the time, there is no pressure, just pure enjoyment. Last week after a fabulous start on Monday with lovely comments from my consult I began to develop a serious sensation of complete and utter panic. Mounting into a frenzy of frustration, whereby my head literally could not settle to logically plan how I was going to achieve what I felt I needed to achieve within a really short period of time. If I was a single person with no other commitments than this, there would be no problem however this weekend I found myself at odds with everyone. My husband and I almost fell out, as he feels neglected, my kids want my attention too, even the cat looks to me to be fed. I admit my inexperience in this endeavour is showing through, when I get nervous I cannot do anything, I freeze, burying my head and trying to only focus on what I think is important, which by the end of last week was the book.

After a good night sleep I realise it is not the most important issue in the world and I am attempting to calm myself and readdress my anxieties. Especially after I found myself at the middle school at 7.30am for a meeting that is to be held tomorrow. It is at this point I realise I have probably lost the plot somewhere. I can laugh now  and it will work out better as my husband who is now talking to me will be able to attend also. This week it is my intention to remain on track review what my consult says today, deep breathe, and plan, how I proceed from here trying not to feel rushed. Cheers for listening
This small excerpt is when the band play before an audience for the first time they use their songs to send out  positive messages. Would welcome any feedback, looking to improve the music element part of the story, trying to capture the essence of a live performance as I think this part needs to be explored a bit more.

        We moved quickly, the others already there getting organized, and ready to play. We took to the stage, waiting behind the closed curtains. Excitement building, I could barely speak, just winking at Danni as we each took to our place on the stage, my heart is running, pure adrenaline pumping through me, it is as if I am someone else, I feel calm and ready, full of anticipation. We can hear the crowd going crazy; they know it is us, as they shout out impatiently for us to begin. Principal Grayson is speaking out in the front beyond the curtain, which is all that separates us,
“Finally ladies, and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to our very own senior group called, “Fusion” singing their debut song called, “The Promise”.
        With that there was a thunderous sound of screams, and shouts it was crazy. Then the curtains opened. There is silence for a moment. Then the music starts. Danni slowly begins to weave her magic on the violin, Morgan and Alex join in strutting around strumming their electric guitars, and finally Evan adds to the group bringing them altogether creating harmony on his drums. The music is very upbeat and catchy, as I hear the melody, I begin to sway to the sound, the words I know by heart, as the rhythm invades me, I am someone else, letting go, singing the words of love, and longing. I am alive with no inhibitions. Staring into the abyss that is the audience, my voice is loud, strong and sure of the message it is delivering, full of passion believing without question in the words of love. I close my eyes reliving my fantasy, as I open them slowly; the face I had searched for was there before me, watching me closely. As I continue with the song it is as if I am singing directly to him. I cannot help it, he is drawing me in.
         I held the microphone tight in my hand, as I twist and turn, my left arm raised way up in the air, the song is about love and how it overcomes many obstacles, my eyes are wide, my lips are dry, my vision again turns to look into Roberts face, he is transfixed with the scene as I sing the last words,
“One life, one love, for always ... “
The song ends, and I close my eyes bending to say thank you, there was a hushed silence, and then a waterfall of wild applause, screams, and whistles. It was totally unbelievable as if the gods had been watching us from on high, all my nervousness had vanished, and I had loved being on stage, everyone seemed to feel the same. I had not wanted it to end. The curtain drew together signaling the finish. I was hot, and thirsty reaching for some water, Danni came over towards me and we just hugged and laughed,
“That was awesome” Morgan said, we all agreed.
Everyone was ecstatic, talking all at once, overcome with emotions and excitement. I could feel perspiration running down my back; it was hot on stage under the lights. Alex walked over to me, grabbed hold of me around the waist and without any warning kissed me straight on the lips, it was silly to pull away, it had been an amazing night. When at last he stopped, he looked deeply into my face,
“I couldn’t take my eyes of you. It was amazing, you were shining.” he said so excited not letting go of his hold on me. He looked around, his face flushing he was quite overcome with emotion,
“You were all fantastic.“He said to everyone and we all hugged together.
 Principal Grayson appeared,
"One of the symptons of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is
           terribly important,"                     Bertrand Russell

Update, after an hour long consult I am happy to report again some lovely comments but I am not going to run away with these wonderful words of encouragement. As I want now reorganise my story and truly decide which way I want the story to read. It is a love story for young adults that spans time it concerns a promise that was made and ultimately the challenges that brings when faced with existing in a different  less restrictive setting, where there are more choices. It is a fantasy, that asks can true love exist and survive all things. My panic behind me now, as I acknowledge I will not be ready for the Muse. I cannot be ready by the 6th so I am adjusting my timetable for a further 2 weeks to revise my manuscript and then begin to write my query letter and synopsis. Cheers Love feedback, advice, xx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So much to say last week was for me an exciting week I felt I was really getting into my creative stride so far as my writing was concerned. After weeks of broken, interrupted time when it was impossible to focus, and write, last week was brillant. Added to that excitement was  Liz Michalski's book signing of her debut novel Evenfall . I emailed her as soon as I knew I was going, and felt so nervous knowing how busy this time must be for her. However she responded very quickly and gave me some insights into her world, and that of a writer, she answered my questions, and gave me food for thought. Liz has been writing for years, and had attended a few workshops at a place called Grubstreet in  Boston . They hold writers workshops, conferences where you can meet not only other writers but publishers, and agents. You can also arrange to send a section of your manuscript usually 25 pages that are completed in to be viewed, and critqued by a published author that has an interest or writes in the same field as you.

So much to do, it did give me such an exhilaration being in talks with someone who shares the same passion but is that much further ahead than myself. It is like a light glowing at the end of a very long dark and mysterious tunnel. Anway, I am trying to furiously get 25 pages as finished as I can so I can get some feedback via grubstreet have to submit by thursday. Argh !!!! I have also sent my entire manuscript to two of my friends for their scrutiny I am not sure I want to know their feelings......yet..... I am in my bubble, scared it is going to be burst very soon. It is a work in progress. A labour of love. My hubbie has also managed to read to chapter eight now without falling asleep only nearly and he continues to give me daily advice on how to spice the book up as you could imagine only a bloke could. Liz did say it took her 7 years to finish her book being a working mother of two. I am not sure how long it will take me, to get it to such a stage where it would be worthy of publication but I am having such fun so I will have to keep plodding along until I do.

Cheers for now Jen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, so I have been home to Wales for a couple of weeks. I love going home seeing my family I miss them so very much.Inspiration comes in all ways music, a book, a poem, a view, a building. At the moment it seems that in everything I see, hear, read or watch I am looking for something that I can tease and play with to put in my story. On one visit to the National museum of Wales which was very interesting for my youngest and myself . I read a quote by Thomas Hardy and I felt this needed to be mentioned somewhere in my book because it is  something that can help give a bit of credibility to explain a certain part of my story and I loved that I just happened across it.

The day that I arrived in Cardiff via the National Express bus after 6hrs on a plane and 3hrs on the coach with a very sleepy 6year old. I watched as we passed by Cardiff Castle a relatively modern rebuild of the old Norman fortress it is still impressive to see. As we drove by there is a clock tower with rather ornamental painted statues around the fours corners of the tower and I found it captivating. I plan to use this scene and the statues of animals that guard the castle wall in the next book my mind was full speed ahead as to how I could incorporate them into my story, so I made some quick notes and took pictures.

I am at 75,000 words I am not sure that this story will ever be published I worry that I am not good enough. I am close to finishing the story not the book. I have 3 chapters left to complete and then I need to go through it and pull it all together. I need people I can trust to read what I have composed and give me their opinions this is quite difficult to find. I am a sensitive creature but I know I need advice and help so I need to accept and reflect upon people's comment.

I am excited this week also as I am going to a book signing at Andover book shop, Liz Michalski a new author is there she has just had her first book published called, " Evenfall". I cannot wait to meet her. I have sent her an email as I have a few questions I wanted to ask, let you know how that goes. Finally, I am leaving you with the quote,

I am the family face;
         f lesh perishes,I live on
         Projecting trait and trace
        Through time to times anon,
        And leaping from place to place
        Over Oblivion.
Thomas Hardy, from Heredity (1917)    

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Get a Young Adult Novel Published |

How to Get a Young Adult Novel Published

Full Steam ahead

I am so happy to report that the last week has been a brilliant and productive time for me. I feel rejuvenated and it is full steam ahead. Writing for me is such a wonderful pleasure and after spending days locked away I feel so involved in my writing that I am reluctant to stop . I have 65,800 words so far and although through the Christmas period my progress came to a complete and utter stand still I am convinced that with a couple of months of solid work I will have finished the story. Then I need to go through the painstaking process of perfecting my creation. I feel so excited now I feel so close .

My story is a fictional romance with a mix of sci/fi added in. It is written with the young adult in mind. The main characters are from the future they travel back through time in order to alter the visions that they have seen. The visions are of the demise of mankind. They have certain abilities that help them in this quest, however there is a group of people who are also from the future whose sole aim is to cause as much havoc and chaos as possible, they are their enemies. They are called The Dark Shadows they are a dark malevolent force who also have many abilities, they want power,knowledge and to destroy the group.  It is a love story with many little stories going on , good versus evil,but ultimately showing the power that love can have.

I have even started to do some research on how to get published this I feel is going to be a rather difficult and perhaps more complicated journey. Do I self publish and therefore eliminate the process of repeated disappointment but at least I get to publish my book.  There are self help companies who will  do all the marketing and selling, well basically anything you want or need them to do for you and you retain the rights to your book but obviously all of this is at a cost to yourself. Or do I follow the traditional route and seek out an established publishing agency ?? Risking rejection .Questions Questions . Anyway not there yet so just food for thought at the minute.

Will be away for a couple of weeks but I will try to continue to write and to do some more research. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the blog. Until next time .xx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love you Mum xxxx

I have to share a story with you . Last summer my family and I decided to go on holiday to the Cape for a week. We booked a lovely house by the sea in Eastham, so close we could walk to it which was the idea. The summer had been one of the hottest on record, certainly since I had lived in America, it was just gorgeous. Well, the week we were on vacation I believe there was an off shore hurricane, and as such we had the ripple effect that happens with these storms. Consequently out of the7 days 4 of them were under constant cloud, and a mix of hard core drenching rain or cold misty drizzle. We had a ball, no we really did we made the most of it . Anyway ,whilst down on the Cape we went searching for rain coats, umbrella's, anything to keep us dry. Whilst being blown into a thrift store in Chatham, where we bought 3 small brollies for pennies , I spied some jewelry in a large glass case. I love thrift shops, and so very discreetly went to have a look. In the case there were many necklaces, bracelets, rings some old some new, one of the pieces caught my eye. There was a large silver ring with a very pale green stone in the centre, oval in shape . It caught my eye as I swear I had just seen one in TJ Maxx for over $100 . I very hesitatingly asked the assistant if she could help me, and I quizzed her about the cost whilst trying the ring on. Of course it was a perfect fit, as it had only just been my birthday two days prior, and my mother had sent some money over which was burning a hole in my pocket I bought the ring .

Yes, for a lot cheaper than I had seen it in TJMaxx . I loved it ,kept looking at it, as I am not used to wearing such chunky jewelry . I wore the ring almost continuously, the only time I took it off was several weeks later when I was hosting a dinner for a group of friends . I remember taking the ring off to put away the dishes and start some washing . The next day I walked into the kitchen to reach for my ring which I was sure was on the small window ledge. No ring . For days I searched in drawers on the floor under the cooker on hands, and knees. No ring . I  questioned my husband my kids. No ring . I prayed a lot to St Anthony he always works for me . No ring . I was quite distraught as it was something I bought from my mother and I had lost it, something I had cared for but obviously not enough. Finally,  I let it go believing that some how it had been throw away in the bin or something equally ridiculous to stop me from questioning where it could be . I closed the door.

Well yesterday Three and half months later my husband is searching in the kitchen drawers for something, as he has broken his phone, again . What does he come across but right at the back of this small drawer next to the wine cooler which is around the corner in my kitchen, is my ring . He came practically running upstairs to present me with the ring proud of his discovery and I just couldn't believe it . I just smiled and hugged him,  he then went onto joke that I had  just gone out and bought another ring. Well I wouldn't have waited that amount of time, if that was what I was going to do . Nope this was the original ring , I cleaned and polished it and immediately phoned my mum we spoke for ages.  I told her the story and now this ring has become more important than it ever was before. It is just a silly ring but full of significance for me now. It felt as if it was a sign, that when all hope is lost you must not give up, you have to continue to believe and the impossible can happen. I believe this 2011 is a year full of promise , I am so excited to be here, living my life, doing what I love.

This week was so refreshing getting back to work, I was so ready and eager to begin . I have so far to go but I am working on it, and that is what counts. I will get there eventually better go lots to do .