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Tamikio L. Reardon Strong Women Interview June

I started the "Strong Women" series because I wanted to celebrate how incredible women are, especially when faced with adversity. Many discover a resilience to bounce back, and in some cases re-invent themselves.

It co-incides with my deep belief that life is an ongoing education. That life is a huge classroom full of lessons to be learned. One lesson, I learned from a young age was to face my emotions, and not to hide from them. The way I respond to situations is part of what makes me the person I am. I will not be sorry for being emotional. I know crying, doesn't make me weak, it actually helps me to let go of the pain that builds inside and in that way I can move on.

I have not dealt with the issues of abuse that many of the women in the series have faced. I have suffered with a lack of confidence which stems from my childhood. Each day, I work on not feeling smart, enough or good enough.

Perhaps, that makes me push harder to achieve my goals?

I have felt heartache and loss many times.

I have been betrayed by those who are meant to love you. It rocks your world, shakes your foundation and leaves you lost. Betrayal of any kind hurts. You have to forgive, but not forget.

Having a dream, a goal to reach, family, friends or a special someone pushes us in terrible times to keep taking one step in front of another and continue.  Tamikio is a prime example of how despite the dreadful experiences she faced, she has created an image of who she wants to be and is taking action to pursue that vision. I wish her all the best.

Please, welcome, Tamikio L. Reardon

Tamikio L. Reardon
Inspiring Author and Journalist
Tamikio L. Reardon is the award-winning author and self-publisher of The New Jersey Stalkers Book Series: Serpents of Nightmares. The author writes fictions of mystery, thriller, crime, and horror. In her spare time, she writes poetry, short stories, and inspirational books. She has written a book for diabetics called, Diabetes Recipe Box. Tamikio wrote the health book "The Health Plan.
More of the author’s work includes the Noiseless Phantoms and Dear Mama. She is the co- author of the poetry book Poetic Healing for the Soul, writing for children’s hospital, and she is the co- author of another upcoming poetry book Poetry for the Image, writing for disabled veterans.
The author interviewed by author, poet, and Atlanta radio talk show host, Katrina Bills, on the Katrina Bill Talk Show.  Tamikio interviewed journalists, radio talk show hosts, authors, photographers, and bloggers on her blog called, Important Author Interviews. The author is known for her upcoming inspirational and motivational book I am That Phenomenal Woman.  

I am That Phenomenal Woman
At the end of March 2017, I put together a new project encouraging women. Attention to women’s struggles and achievements; I’m encouraged to share women stories of struggles and achievements. I’ve interviewed women authors, journalists, and bloggers sharing their achievements. On top of interviewing women sharing their stories of trials and tribulation and how they overcome them. The pleasure of working with each woman and her story drawn me to feel theirs as I struggled with issues of my own in the past.

Let’s talk a little about my life struggles inside the book. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and raise in Detroit my entire life until the age of thirty-one. I got married on May 26, 2006, and moved to Mt. Clemens, Michigan to start a new life. But, things took a turn for the worst on December 18, 2009 I divorced and moved back to Detroit. My struggles in life started as young girl with the permanent partial hearing loss.

It was difficult for me to act in public schools where I received harsh treatment from other students, bullied, and assaulted. Growing up from a young girl developing into adolescence, I suffered from depression and refused to take treatment. Raped three times and one attempted assault, four times, by four different men; I thank God for escaping the incidents.

During recovering from the assaults and suffered from depression, I become addicted to supplemental drugs over the counter. I had an underweight problem and wanted to gain a few pounds. Most women want to lose few, but no, not me! No matter what I gone through earlier in life or suffered from hearing loss, and rape assault, I never gave up on my dreams to graduate high school and college.
 I graduated from Henry Ford High School in 1994. After graduation, I attended Goodwill Industries Greater Detroit to become a Data Entry Specialist in mid-1994 and graduated as a certified Data Entry Specialist. After receiving my first job as a Data Entry Typist, typing marriage, divorce, death, and tax forms for the state of Michigan, I attended Henry Ford Community College majoring in Business Management in 2001. I graduated with an associate’s degree in Business Management in 2005. Today, I’m attending Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Communications journalism.

 My goal is to become a Journalist and graduate in January 2020.

Although my struggles may not be drastic to other women, it caused pain and heartaches throughout my life. I felt insecure about partial hearing loss, depression, constant bullied and assaulted didn’t make situations any better.

Today, I still suffer psychological issues.

What is more important is I took the bull by the horns and overcome the negative obstacles. How did I take the bull by the horn? I never allow the pain and downfalls to cripple me and moved forward with the things which benefited such as getting degrees and learning the knowledge to make me successful. 

I encourage each and every woman to get a copy of my upcoming book
I am That Phenomenal Woman. My book shares inspirational women’s interviews by women authors, bloggers, and journalists. Links to support disabled women, seminars, and motivational conferences; most important my book shares true, real women stories of women struggles and achievements. I also, share my personal motivational messages and five simple tips about how change your mind to block out negativity. Book release May 20, on Amazon and Lulu; the book available on other bookstore retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.

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