Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Get a Young Adult Novel Published |

How to Get a Young Adult Novel Published

Full Steam ahead

I am so happy to report that the last week has been a brilliant and productive time for me. I feel rejuvenated and it is full steam ahead. Writing for me is such a wonderful pleasure and after spending days locked away I feel so involved in my writing that I am reluctant to stop . I have 65,800 words so far and although through the Christmas period my progress came to a complete and utter stand still I am convinced that with a couple of months of solid work I will have finished the story. Then I need to go through the painstaking process of perfecting my creation. I feel so excited now I feel so close .

My story is a fictional romance with a mix of sci/fi added in. It is written with the young adult in mind. The main characters are from the future they travel back through time in order to alter the visions that they have seen. The visions are of the demise of mankind. They have certain abilities that help them in this quest, however there is a group of people who are also from the future whose sole aim is to cause as much havoc and chaos as possible, they are their enemies. They are called The Dark Shadows they are a dark malevolent force who also have many abilities, they want power,knowledge and to destroy the group.  It is a love story with many little stories going on , good versus evil,but ultimately showing the power that love can have.

I have even started to do some research on how to get published this I feel is going to be a rather difficult and perhaps more complicated journey. Do I self publish and therefore eliminate the process of repeated disappointment but at least I get to publish my book.  There are self help companies who will  do all the marketing and selling, well basically anything you want or need them to do for you and you retain the rights to your book but obviously all of this is at a cost to yourself. Or do I follow the traditional route and seek out an established publishing agency ?? Risking rejection .Questions Questions . Anyway not there yet so just food for thought at the minute.

Will be away for a couple of weeks but I will try to continue to write and to do some more research. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the blog. Until next time .xx

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love you Mum xxxx

I have to share a story with you . Last summer my family and I decided to go on holiday to the Cape for a week. We booked a lovely house by the sea in Eastham, so close we could walk to it which was the idea. The summer had been one of the hottest on record, certainly since I had lived in America, it was just gorgeous. Well, the week we were on vacation I believe there was an off shore hurricane, and as such we had the ripple effect that happens with these storms. Consequently out of the7 days 4 of them were under constant cloud, and a mix of hard core drenching rain or cold misty drizzle. We had a ball, no we really did we made the most of it . Anyway ,whilst down on the Cape we went searching for rain coats, umbrella's, anything to keep us dry. Whilst being blown into a thrift store in Chatham, where we bought 3 small brollies for pennies , I spied some jewelry in a large glass case. I love thrift shops, and so very discreetly went to have a look. In the case there were many necklaces, bracelets, rings some old some new, one of the pieces caught my eye. There was a large silver ring with a very pale green stone in the centre, oval in shape . It caught my eye as I swear I had just seen one in TJ Maxx for over $100 . I very hesitatingly asked the assistant if she could help me, and I quizzed her about the cost whilst trying the ring on. Of course it was a perfect fit, as it had only just been my birthday two days prior, and my mother had sent some money over which was burning a hole in my pocket I bought the ring .

Yes, for a lot cheaper than I had seen it in TJMaxx . I loved it ,kept looking at it, as I am not used to wearing such chunky jewelry . I wore the ring almost continuously, the only time I took it off was several weeks later when I was hosting a dinner for a group of friends . I remember taking the ring off to put away the dishes and start some washing . The next day I walked into the kitchen to reach for my ring which I was sure was on the small window ledge. No ring . For days I searched in drawers on the floor under the cooker on hands, and knees. No ring . I  questioned my husband my kids. No ring . I prayed a lot to St Anthony he always works for me . No ring . I was quite distraught as it was something I bought from my mother and I had lost it, something I had cared for but obviously not enough. Finally,  I let it go believing that some how it had been throw away in the bin or something equally ridiculous to stop me from questioning where it could be . I closed the door.

Well yesterday Three and half months later my husband is searching in the kitchen drawers for something, as he has broken his phone, again . What does he come across but right at the back of this small drawer next to the wine cooler which is around the corner in my kitchen, is my ring . He came practically running upstairs to present me with the ring proud of his discovery and I just couldn't believe it . I just smiled and hugged him,  he then went onto joke that I had  just gone out and bought another ring. Well I wouldn't have waited that amount of time, if that was what I was going to do . Nope this was the original ring , I cleaned and polished it and immediately phoned my mum we spoke for ages.  I told her the story and now this ring has become more important than it ever was before. It is just a silly ring but full of significance for me now. It felt as if it was a sign, that when all hope is lost you must not give up, you have to continue to believe and the impossible can happen. I believe this 2011 is a year full of promise , I am so excited to be here, living my life, doing what I love.

This week was so refreshing getting back to work, I was so ready and eager to begin . I have so far to go but I am working on it, and that is what counts. I will get there eventually better go lots to do .