Friday, June 21, 2013

What comes next!

This picture was taken of me, in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I was there visiting with my husband just last week. An amazing place, stunning scenery, and such happy people. Wonderful trip.

The last couple of weeks have been amazing. Firstly, I finished my novel. Yay!!!! After, re-writing the story and editing several times, I finally felt with a huge sigh of relief, that the story was finished. I am happy with the way the story enfolds and the way in which the characters develop. I've left room to explore several options for the next book and I loved the ending. Like all good soap-opera's, I have written a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. At least I hope so.

Since then, I've been reading through the story and bar tying my hands, trying not to edit, simply to read to check for the flow and pacing of the story. I've found this unbelievably hard as I keep stopping and making changes. So, I've sent the entire MS to a friend to proofread, whilst I continue to read. I've been requesting feedback from several teens, but I'm at the point where I want to focus on drafting and polishing my query letter.

It seems a standard three paragraph letter which includes your hook, a small synopsis, and finally a short biography is what's required. Sounds simple, right???

 Well, I've been reading some sample query letters and I can tell you it's incredibly hard because this is your chance to get the AGENT'S attention and it has to shine and stand out from the thousands they get every day. Daunting!

So, I'm drafting today and I'm going to post on QueryShark.

Dear Query Shark,
Mia Childs wanted to be a "normal" teenager but her visions suggested otherwise. Every time she closed her eyes, she stepped into the beautiful Otherworld of Annwn. An arrogant boy Ryder, bewitched her and a manipulative Darkshadow, Greyson stalked her.

When Mia was awakened by the touch of a strangers hand, she learned that she was a  Guardian of Annwn, betrothed to Ryder, sent into the mortal world to test the power of her love and to save mankind from extinction.

However, even Mia, a powerful Seer, couldn't foresee the deadly game of chess that Greyson would play using the humans and everyone she loved as pawns. Mia was forced to make impossible decisions.

To fight her nemesis or surrender her heart and soul in order to save the life of the one she loved.
To believe in the power of love or break her promise to Ryder as her visions suggested?
 And would Mia powers be enough to alter the fate of the humans?   

Children of Annwn: The Promise is a 112,000 - YA romantic fantasy. 
 Thanks for your time and consideration.
Let me know what you think, I haven't included my details or short bio because it's really the hook and synopsis that I want to master. I'd love to know if they suck you in and make you want to know more ????