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Author chat with a 15 year old YA writer!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone, This year, I am very grateful to all my lovely readers who have bought my book the Children of Annwn:The Promise. To those who have left a review that is definitely the icing on the cake, and it gives me a feeling of validation certainly when the comments are so heartfelt. I am happy to announce that the paperback copy of the book will be released the end of December! I don't have an actual date yet, but will post an update when I know, and I will be having a giveaway as well as book signings. I'm also happy to say that I'm around 3/4 way through the second, and I'm looking at different titles. Tell me what you think.
          Broken Promises?
          The Battle?

Children of Annwn: The Battle..."Most high-school seniors are nominated for a title in the yearbook like most likely to succeed or die a virgin, something lame like that. Mia Childs imagined hers would read most likely to become a bad-ass evil queen."
  Anyway, today, I'm delighted to introduce a lovely YA writer Vartika Sikarwar....

Vartika Sikarwar I would like to start by telling you a little bit about myself-
I am 15 years old. BIRTHDAY:- 02 DECEMBER 1999. (coming soon! ;) ) . 

I live in Ghaziabad, India.

I was inspired to write this by JK Rowling. I just love her Harry Potter series, also Shakespeare's play's were great source of my inspiration.
rest I inspire myself, by my own thoughts.

I am narcist. But I am not selfish. I love to read, write and sing. I wrote my first novel when I was 12. But I got published when I am 15. (It was a little hard time). I just love to connect with new people throughout the world their writing. Two women in my life who inspires me most are My Mom, and J.K.Rowling. There are the great source of inspiration in my life. I Just Love both. I love music, and sing English songs. I also love Biking. I am working on my two other books, along with my school life. :)

About My Adventure To The Secret Door:
My Adventure to the secret Door is a Adventure, Thrill. It have lots of adventure, mystery and story of young teens. The story mainly revolves around 13 years old girl Amaya, who is also the narrator of the story. She loves adventures, and always dreamt of it. She had a lovely pet Boxer. One day her unusual dreams, became true and in the strangest way, the way she never thought. Well she didn't knew but she had always been part of it.  Now she knew something about this world, but she didn't knew about real world, whether she was alive or Dead......

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Vartika it was an absolute pleasure to have you on here today, and you are such an inspiration to all the young adult writers out there! Thanks for joining me and please keep in touch.

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Author Chats with Flossie Benton Rogers! Giveaway!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's another week and another author friend. This week, I am delighted to introduce the fabulous author of the Wytchfae series Flossie Benton Rogers. Welcome and before we start, I would like to point out that at the bottom of this post, there is a link for all you lovely followers to click, if you would like to be entered into the competition.

Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5 by Flossie Benton Rogers
Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Hi, Jennifer, thank you for hosting me here today with Lord of Fire and a super Giveaway. I thought we’d start out by looking at the nature of the different heroes in various books of the Wytchfae series:

Ingvar in Wytchfae Runes is a Viking ghost out for revenge.

Dark Guardian Samael from Guardian of the Deep – Wytchfae 2 has reign over the undersea realm. His patron deity is Poseidon.

Eshigel, hero of Mind Your Goddess – Wytchfae 3, is the dark guardian of the borderland between the earth world and the Underworld.

Aedar in Time Singer – Wytchfae 4 is an ancient Celtic warrior of the Firbolg tribe.

Gabriel Hawk from Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5 is a former Helios warrior with power over fire and other deadly elemental energies. He works well with heroine Garnet McAnna, a Wytchfae who packs a gun and knives, as you can see in the excerpt below.

Blurb: When The Hawk meets his Wytchfae, the result is spontaneous combustion.

Garnet McAnna chases the demon responsible for attacking and enslaving innocent fae familiars. She never expected to run headlong into a mesmerizing stranger known as The Hawk. Nor did she anticipate the way his masculine power kindles a womanly flame within her.

Exiled from an elite warrior's brigade, Lord of Fire Gabriel Hawk guards his heart and his solitude. He wants nothing to do with the world of men or the realm of fae. Then a beautiful Wytchfae bursts into his life, stirring desire and sparking need. Garnet is on a dangerous mission, and he can't let her face the evil alone. What else can he do but fight beside her? When she disappears, he raises hell to find her. Will he be too late? Will darkness conquer this couple or will love burn their souls into one?

First Line Teaser: She’d catch the demon tonight if it killed her.

Memorable Quote: “Garnet McAnna, you’re the hottest woman in thirteen worlds.”

Lost in her thoughts, Garnet ran up against something hard and springy, and a sharp point pricked the soft flesh of her thumb. She squeezed off the pain with her other hand.
Damned barbed wire.
She had already made it to the fence line and hadn’t even realized it. Sucking in a deep breath, she cleared her mind to concentrate on the task at hand. She had to edge around the boundary to the north side of this large piece of private property to gain access to the portal. Then she’d hunker down in the bushes and wait on the demon Borros.
Moving swiftly again, she cut a wide swath away from the metal fence. Snorting sounds came from within one of the corrals she had noted early this morning when she skirted the property. Horses and a few cattle had grazed within.
Bearing around the corner to head north toward the portal, a splash of incandescent green appeared and then disappeared in front of her. Startled, she blinked and reached into her coat pocket for the revolver. The weapon lay cold and substantial in her hand. She stilled her body to a midnight silence.
The eerie green reappeared and dashed around her body without spotlighting her in any way. It formed a mysterious elongated glow. She clamped down harder on the gun handle to stop her hand from trembling, while shifting positions to keep the phenomenon in front of her.
Her mind tumbled over possibilities. The light couldn’t be swamp gas, as it seemed to proceed purposefully. Its movement created a slight whirring sound. A will ’o the wisp? Somehow she thought not, but what was it?
The presence darted behind her.
Before she could turn, a warm, corporeal hand covered her own and relieved her of the weapon. Whirling around, she came face to face with—a man.
A gasp escaped her lips. With his substantial height, he towered over her. A faint greenish residue of light illuminated him enough so that the fierce scowl on his face caused her heart to thump into overdrive.
She swallowed, fingering the sheath of one of the knives in her pocket. Damn it, next time she’d bring a backup piece. She forced herself to speak, but despite her efforts, her voice rasped. “Give me back my weapon.”
His sonorous growl reminded her of a feral animal. “Not so fast. What the hell are you doing sneaking around my property with a firearm in the middle of the night?”

Buy Links:
Secret Cravings Publishing

Author Bio:
Flossie Benton Rogers is the author of the Wytchfae paranormal romance series. She is Sagittarius with a Libra ascendant and Taurus moon, or a 5th generation Floridian and freedom loving mystic. She pursues her passion for mythology by writing romances with fairies, goddesses, ghosts, angels, demons, and other magical beings. The Wytchfae world brims with dimensions parallel to our own. Some are welcoming, others dangerous and forbidding. Through the darkest night and the fright of unchained chaos, love will always shine.

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Author Chats with Tara Winters

Hi everyone, for the first time since I started writing I literally feel as if  I have hit against a solid wall. I guess this is what writers talk about. Writers Block!!!

I feel I should be in a panic as I have a deadline, and I cannot seem to get those moments of clarity, which appear quite randomly, but help me in solving the puzzle of the Children of Annwn series!

I am ten chapters in and have written 40,000 words, which is about a third maybe slightly more of the way through, but I am struggling. My issue is my ability to focus and sit and write the story!!!

I have never had this problem before, and I think what is happening is the constant distractions of my life in general. At the moment, I cannot seem to say no to anything and there are days when the unexpected happens, and you have to leave your writers cave. Hence, with all these lost days where the chance to write is short and snappy I cannot get into the depth of this story and grip it by its teeth and get a real feel for where I'm heading. Therefore, I am closing my doors until I have that guidance from the characters who usually scream very loudly at me as to where the story is heading and what they want to have happen next I am hibernating! Wish me luck!

This is the second week of my author chats and I am very pleased that my friend and local author has jumped into the hot seat for this week. Please, check out her biography below and included is an excerpt of her latest release Dark Hollow!

Tara Winter
I have been writing for over 20 years but it wasn't until a chance discussion with a friend prompted me to really evaluate getting some of the books out there! With the help of a very dear author friend, I decided that the time had finally come to take that next step. It took me a few months of some hard work and a lot of elbow work to get the first book of the series ready to go. I could not have done it without a seriously awesome editor, an amazing cover designer and the very crucial help of a formatter. 
Dark Hollow was born August 28, 2014 and the sequel, Dark Legacy is even now sitting on my desktop , fresh from the editor waiting for me to dig in and get the editing honed and ready for publishing. Anyone who has been on my website ( can se that the covers for book 2 and 3 are already done and are waiting for me to finalize the pages to get these projects wrapped up. 
When not writing, I am actually a marketing manager for a large healthcare company and live in a northern suburb of Boston with my husband and daughter.

Book Blurb
Tabitha Devins spent 18 years waiting for her mother to tell her whom her father was, where her mother had disappeared to all those years ago and perhaps shed some light on how she got magical abilities.
Now it is the summer of her high school graduation and she plans on saving every penny she can earn to get off to college, leave the island of Porta Negra and her mother's secrets behind her. As she sees a sliver of freedom in her future, her mother disappears once again with only a cryptic note. The clues lead Tabitha to the glen known as Dark Hollow where her mother originally disappeared.
Tabitha delves into the nest of secrets her mother left and finds a world she never knew existed with a race of people with magical abilities much like her own.  As she
searches this new world for her mother, she discovers that her father has been looking for her as well.
Before she can head off to meet him, she finds herself caught between a magical race of people discouraging her from meeting her father and the onset of a dark drama back on her island home which could keep her from ever being able to return home.

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    Her heart stopped hammering, and her body began to relax. Tabitha continued to quench her thirst, letting the salty fluid douse the inferno that had been blazing within her. The realization that her mouth was fastened on someone’s throat began to dawn on her. Jerking back, she cried out in horror, tearing her teeth from skin. She let out a plaintive cry as she saw the bloody gash in Luc’s throat. She could do little more than stare in revulsion. She slowly lifted a finger to her own lips, feeling a bead of blood at the edge of her mouth. She fought the urge to lick it away. She touched the twin fangs that were her incisors.
   She wailed and tried to escape Luc’s arms, unwilling to look into his face and see the expression she feared would be there. He tightened his grip, pulling her closer and drawing her against his chest, holding her in his arms while she panicked.
   Her energy gave out quickly and she lay panting in his arms, her head buried against his shoulder. He was sitting on the floor facing the fireplace, and she was cradled in his arms. Once she realized that he was not releasing her, she clung to him, trying to find warmth or comfort for her chilled body. She sobbed into his shoulder. She could not seem to hold back the flow of tears.
      When her tears began to dwindle and she started to calm down, her breath was no more than a shaky whimper. She did not want to let go of him and face whatever expression would be in his eyes.
       Are you all right now? His voice was the same soft timbre, and she could have wept at his simple question.
       How can you ask me that after what I have done?
      What you have done is saved a little girl’s life. 

Thank you as always for following and please if you have any comments or questions feel free to post below!