Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!!

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Happy New Year everyone. It is now 2015, wow, and it's already flying by fast. I know this because my diary and planner are already filling up with events. 2014, was a great year for me as a writer! I fulfilled my goal after five years of writing. I signed with Secret Craving Publishers and saw my first book released in e-book format in September, 2014. Since then, I have been juggling some social media promotion of the book and writing the second installment which I enjoy so much more.

This being a new year and wondering about my new year resolutions which I have to say I'm not a fan of mainly because by February all my good intentions of eating less and exercising more have subsided and lay forgotten. This year, I'm looking at goals that I plan to achieve this has served me well in the past!

1. Finish and submit second installment  of Children of Annwn: The Battle ?? end of January/ February.
2. Write, complete, and submit third installment of COA: The Return Home?? not sure of title May/June.
3. Finish and submit Capturing the Last Welsh Witch April/ May.
4. Finish and submit Returning to the Vineyards of Allegretti. August/ September.
5. Finish and submit The Diary of a Lonely Housewife ( Not too sure whether I like this title)
6. Draft the story for the 17 year itch...
7. To improve my writing skills, getting stronger at editing, proofreading and showing more than telling.


My first YA romance Children of Annwn: The Promise was released in print on December 25th, 2014!!! So cool. I will remember Christmas day 2014, for quite sometime.

I am working on two local book signings and will when I have formalized the dates let you know, so excited!

 I am also visiting my local libraries to arrange for them to stock my book, and I'm investigating local newspapers to gauge their interest in writing an article about said local author!!!

Ooh, I have also started a writing group with a bunch a local writers and we are having our second meeting this month. I have wanted to create this group FOREVER and although I'm busier than ever I really feel the need to chat with like minded souls. I'm stuck behind the computer far too much and really need the moral support of other writers. Plus, I love to swap and share our experiences it's a great way to learn and improve, which is another goal of mine for 2015.

I would love to host other writers on my blog, so please contact me to arrange something!