Thursday, March 31, 2016

Local author new release.

One of the best parts of being a writer is meeting other writers, I simply love it. Especially, when you meet someone who shares your passion and love of creating the story and characters with the same obsession. I am delighted to have my friend Jennifer Smith back on my blog talking about her latest release The Rare Pearl.


Author's Bio
Jennifer W Smith lives in a leafy New England town with her husband, two children, blue-eyed cat and newly adopted dog. Jennifer’s love of traveling the world, and experiencing the journey as well as the destination, has landed in her debut novel, Flying Backwards. Her previous career as a flight attendant inspired this romantic adventure. Jennifer is currently working on the Broken Water novel series where she will take her readers on an unexpected journey.  Set in New England, this new series is a fantasy adventure based on a little known, but compelling, scientific notion. Jennifer also loves reading, jigsaw puzzles, art, yoga, historical research, and downtime with her family.


Broken Water Series: The Rare Pearl (Book 1)
In 1989 a hidden discovery found in a tiny New England coastal town sends 23 year-old Harmony Parker into an evolutionary altered realm. She uncovers a secret that not only connects her to this other world but could explain why her family members have mysteriously drowned throughout her life. Eager to find a way home, she solicits help from Kodiak Night, a conceited underwater treasure hunter. Kodiak knows this is a dangerous request, but he’s willing to risk his life in exchange for the rare pearl ring Harmony wears. This leaves her no choice but to surrender her heirloom. Harmony must complete her journey across alternate terrain, fight sea-monsters, and resolve the conflicting feelings she has for Kodiak. She will be tested—facing deep-rooted fears and struggling with awakening abilities she must learn to control. When her abilities are exposed, she’s pursued as an asset by an unexpected adversary which endangers those she comes to care for. All the while, the water god watches Harmony as her unique abilities have also roused his interest.
Author’s Note
My imagination is continuously weaving plots whether I’m folding laundry, walking the dog, or driving the kids to practice. One of the fun things about being an author is when one of my many creative ideas comes together, especially when a particular idea develops into a story. In The Rare Pearl for instance, I had already planned the Aquapopulean race in my mind but wanted to give validity to the origin. When I searched the internet for information on evolution I came across the Aquatic Ape Theory. As I read through this fascinating theory I was thrilled to build the factitious Aquapopulean race I had conceived on the support of a concept already studied by scientists in the field of anthropology. This set the foundation for the Broken Water Series.
Another fun aspect to writing is where the inspiration comes from. I’m often inspired by historic events and the diverse locations I travel to. I like to use authentic places to help the reader better connect to the story. I used the Wentworth-by-the-Sea hotel in this story because it’s inspired me for decades. This building has an amazing past and has housed many famous guests, my favorite being the sharpshooter Annie Oakley who was hired to teach female guests to shoot. This hotel closed in 1982 when I was ten years old. As a kid, taking long drives with my folks along New Hampshire’s scenic coast, I’d stare in awe at the turn of the century hotel. As the years passed, I saw the Wentworth fall into disrepair and it weighed heavy on my heart. I always wondered what she had been like in her heyday and wished the building would be saved. The Wentworth with its tumultuous history, elegant architecture, and grand setting is one incredible source of inspiration I had to write about. Giving my characters Harmony Parker and her relatives a connection to the Wentworth’s history helped fuel this series. I used the hotel’s tragic event in 1989 when eighty percent of it was torn down as a climactic scene in The Rare Pearl. I took the snapshot in the front of this book not long afterward the teardown, when only the original facade remained. Like many great stories with tales that rollercoaster from splendor to tragedies to happy endings—the same goes for the Wentworth-by-the-Sea. She was eventually purchased, refurbished and reopened in 2003. After the reopening I finally got my chance to step foot inside the building for the first time and stay as a guest—it left me giddy. The rooms, d├ęcor and service were top notch bringing her into a new era, but I found myself wondering about the days long ago and what kind of stories she could tell if her walls could talk.
If you would like to read the first chapter for free, go to


Jennifer W. Smith’s other adult fiction novel is mainstream romance, Flying Backwards.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guest author on board!

Welcome to Guest Author D. L. Cocchio 

                                  D. L. Cocchio is fascinated by all things mystical and magical. Born and raised in New Jersey, she weaves these topics into all of her stories. The author of four novels, Cocchio has a degree in Psychology and Education. A former elementary school teacher, she now works in the business world by day and is an author by night. She is currently working on Book 2 in The Psychic Circle Series. Debbie lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy black and white cat. She is available for author events such as book talks, panel discussions, school visits, and signings.


The Psychic Circle
Book 1 of the Psychic Circle Series
Souls Entwined
Sixteen-year-old Rachel’s psychic world is shaken when Billy introduces her to telepathy and astral travel, awakening her desire for more spiritual adventure. She can’t get enough. Together with a teenage shaman, a healer, a psychic and a witch, they form “The Psychic Circle” to secretly explore the paranormal.
Romance blossoms between Rachel and Billy as they realize they have such a strong connection. Could Rachel possibly have found her soul mate? But when Rachel’s best friend becomes jealous and causes issues using black magic, it can sabotage her chance at having the true love she’s been yearning for.
Now Rachel must decide if she should fight fire with fire in order to protect and pursue this obvious soul connection. After all, all’s fair in love and war, right?

Books Available:

The Psychic Circle ~Souls Entwined (Book 1)     So You Wanna Read Tarot?                                     Be Careful What You Wish For (Book 1)             Magic By Moonlight (Book 2)

What inspires you to write?
I have always loved to write, ever since I can remember. As a kid, I would spend most of my summers reading and writing. I think it was a great escape, being able to create a fantasy world. Mostly, I am inspired by places I visit and people I meet. I tend to be able to weave a story around the things that interest me. They say to write about what you know and love, so I do.

How did you come up with the story of a psychic circle?
My friends and I started a meditation group where we would practice meditation, learn about tarot cards, crystals, energy, and whatever else a member would bring to the group. It was all about experimentation. Some of our experiences were wild and crazy. We thought that no one would ever believe some of the incredible stuff that happened to us. Well, I kept a journal of our meetings and it lead to my book.

Are all of the adventures in the book true?
Many of the adventures are true. Some of the experiences that we had together blew our minds. They were incredible. I am hoping that readers will learn to be cautious and protect themselves when exploring the psychic realm. It can be tons of fun, but also can be dangerous.  The romance between the two main characters is purely fiction, though- what is a young adult book without romance?

Will the saga continue?
I plan on writing two more books in the Psychic Circle Series. I am hard at work writing book two. I will post more on that as it develops on my website:

What was your favorite book growing up?
I think I read the entire mystery section of the local library in about two summers. I loved the Nancy Drew type books. In high school, my favorite book was Lord of the Flies.

What is a book on your To Read Bucket List?
I have been meaning to read something like Switched by Amanda Hocking. I came across her blog and wanted to check out her writing. I love to read the YA genre.

Do you have a favorite author?
Some of my favorite authors are: Alyson Noel (Immortal Series), Kelley Armstrong (Summoning, etc.), Addison Moore (3:AM Kisses series), Jennifer Armentrout (Lux series and Wicked Trilogy) and Cait Tiernan (Sweep Series).

If you were stranded on an island, which book would you want with you? Why?
I would probably want to have a classic like Swiss Family Robinson. It might give me some survival ideas and provide good reading.

What advice to you have for writers?
To keep on writing, rewriting and rewriting some more. That’s what perfects your work. Let friends read it and comment. And most of all… never give up!

What is your hobby?
My hobbies are reading and writing, of course. And I enjoy doing crafts.


Twitter: @dlcocchio

Saturday, March 5, 2016


In 2009, I started this blog to hold myself accountable. After deciding to write a story if it became difficult it would be easy to give it up, to stop, but declaring my intentions to friends, family, strangers, and other writers it was much harder to back down from that promise.

It wasn’t my intention at the time to turn my passion into a career; I didn’t start to write because I imagined I would earn millions. I started because of an undeniable and insatiable need to write!

A story that I wanted to tell in some way or other wanted to be born.

I didn’t question how or worry over if I could, I simply started to write. First with a pen, writing in a notebook, I wrote day after day for hours not following any plan or logical sequence. My first draft was a total embarrassment, but I managed to churn out over 120,000 words!!!!


That was the first lesson, I learned that I could actually sit down and string words together. Of course, when I actually read through the rough as hell story it was like searching for a needle in the haystack because it was a complete jumble! I had several stories going on.

Anyway, there are many discoveries you make about yourself along the way as a writer and lessons that are helpful for any aspiring writer…


1. Develop a thick skin fast.
2. Unless your friends and family are writers they won’t get what you’re going through so get to know other writers it really helps.
3. Write whenever you can, don’t wait for the perfect moment it may never arrive.
4. Celebrate every achievement no matter how small.
5. Every time I start a new story I panic that I will never be able to fill the pages, but once I start the words flow. Don’t procrastinate just get on and write!
6. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, write what you have a passion for.
7. Write the best story you can with all your heart and soul.
 8. Love what you do or do something else.


I am a self-published indie author with a YA romantic trilogy and an adult paranormal romance under my belt. I am learning every day, aiming to get better as a writer, always imagining the next story. If you would like some support as a writer or need advice about any part of the writing or publication process drop me a line and I will try to help you. 

Thanks for reading the blog! Keep reading and writing.