Saturday, March 5, 2016


In 2009, I started this blog to hold myself accountable. After deciding to write a story if it became difficult it would be easy to give it up, to stop, but declaring my intentions to friends, family, strangers, and other writers it was much harder to back down from that promise.

It wasn’t my intention at the time to turn my passion into a career; I didn’t start to write because I imagined I would earn millions. I started because of an undeniable and insatiable need to write!

A story that I wanted to tell in some way or other wanted to be born.

I didn’t question how or worry over if I could, I simply started to write. First with a pen, writing in a notebook, I wrote day after day for hours not following any plan or logical sequence. My first draft was a total embarrassment, but I managed to churn out over 120,000 words!!!!


That was the first lesson, I learned that I could actually sit down and string words together. Of course, when I actually read through the rough as hell story it was like searching for a needle in the haystack because it was a complete jumble! I had several stories going on.

Anyway, there are many discoveries you make about yourself along the way as a writer and lessons that are helpful for any aspiring writer…


1. Develop a thick skin fast.
2. Unless your friends and family are writers they won’t get what you’re going through so get to know other writers it really helps.
3. Write whenever you can, don’t wait for the perfect moment it may never arrive.
4. Celebrate every achievement no matter how small.
5. Every time I start a new story I panic that I will never be able to fill the pages, but once I start the words flow. Don’t procrastinate just get on and write!
6. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, write what you have a passion for.
7. Write the best story you can with all your heart and soul.
 8. Love what you do or do something else.


I am a self-published indie author with a YA romantic trilogy and an adult paranormal romance under my belt. I am learning every day, aiming to get better as a writer, always imagining the next story. If you would like some support as a writer or need advice about any part of the writing or publication process drop me a line and I will try to help you. 

Thanks for reading the blog! Keep reading and writing.


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