Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Become a Professional Writer |

How to Become a Professional Writer

In my work space which is situated at the back of my house, overlooking the garden, it is in fact the sun room, but I have acquired it. I don't take up too my space. I have a small desk with my computer and monitor, a small bookcase with paper, files, newspaper clippings, magazines, and a selection of must haves a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a selection of books I am reading including 1984, Evenfall, a collection of short stories by F.S.Fitzgerald, and Pride and prejudice. I love this room because it doesn't matter whether it is the winter, spring or any of the seasons, there is always activity in my garden, and I find it lovely to look at. My choice of a location as a writer, if I  was able to pick, would definitely be over looking the sea. Natural beauty is very inspirational, and to be able to go for walks along the beach, and think through stories must be heaven.

So I am in awe of  writer Susan Wiggs, who lives in a beautiful beach front home on Bainbridge Island, on the West Coast. She say's, "Having a water view from anywhere in the house is essential to my creative process. I find my best ideas on the beach or in the forest, picking up story lines and plot twists like colorful bits of sea glass on the beach or pinecones in the woods." I love that because it is so true, I remember walking around the MFA in Boston, and bringing a note book with me. I started to write about some of the statues of Buddha,recording their meaning and  history thinking at some point I may want to use it, somewhere in a story. I think you have to be open to everything, as you never know when you may need to use it and some things just stand out as being worthy of writing about.

Anyway, this week has been particularly frustrating, after believing I had the answer to rewriting by having two screens with which to work from, my computer decides it has had enough and starts a rebellion. I swear it is taking over, and changing the font and format, basically driving me crazy with its stopping, and starting, it freezes then un freezes, argh. Added to that, is the fact it has been incredibly busy with the boys, having all manner of appointments, a welcome delivery of a new settee, and love seat, which obviously means some preparation ie cleaning the room, the skirting board, the windows, polishing the shelves, cleaning the carpets, sorting out all the cupboards, and toys, which takes a morning. Hence to say, I feel as if I am going nowhere fast. This sets off a sense of panic, as I realise the kids are only in school for just over 7 weeks and I wonder if my rewriting will be finished by then ???? How does anyone with children manage to finish their writing ????

A snap shot of the small town Mia lives in , taken from Chapter One,

Climbing up the steps that lead onto our front porch, there is a sign which reads 1895, the year the yellow colonial house was built, as you enter through the large, oak front door you find yourself inside a wide generous foyer, with chestnut colored hardwood floors that lead throughout the entire house. When we first moved in the d├ęcor was rather dated, with floral wall paper covering most walls; and the kitchen was tired looking too, with old appliances and units. Mum had said it was a project that she could not wait to work on, the house definitely needed some tender loving care and a new lick of paint everywhere. However, I had been pleased, because I had my own bathroom which was great, no more waiting in line, also another good thing was the fact it was downtown, which meant we had pavements.
              This meant it was safe to walk and you had somewhere to go, strolling into town you pass by a variety of cheerfully painted houses, all styles and sizes, the streets are lined with trees that sprout pretty pink and white blossoms in spring. Walking downtown which is only a couple of minutes away, you pass by a brillant white Gothic facade church, with striking spires ontop of the towers, and an impressive black and gold clock, the church is well over a hundred years old. Then you reach the small centre, where there are a couple of second hand stores, several   hairdressers, and in a red brick building the town offices. Also, nearly every day you can hear the sirens calling out from the fire trucks as they leave the station, which is housed right in the middle to attend an emergency. Across from the fire station, is a small modern mall which includes a busy coffee shop, a pharmacy, and a popular diner, where on any given day you can smell the wonderful aroma of freshly cooked bread, from the newly opened bakery. The smell always makes you feel so hungry, it is hard to walk past.
I am not sure if this gives a real sense of the town I am trying to "Breathe life into my words"

"Awriters tool box contains, words, imagination, a love of books, a sense of story and ideas for how to make the writing live and breathe. Writing can be hard and it can take years to be the kind of writer you want to be."     Ralph Fletcher.
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