Thursday, April 10, 2014


The last couple of weeks have been a nightmare, not because of the book, well partly because of the book, but anyway finding my way through the fog of post completing the said book was a journey in itself.

I have carried this book for over four years, rewritten it completely at least once, submitted it to several agents and publishers and have spent the last four and half months re-writing as per suggestions made by a couple of publishers. So, when I finally exhausted my limit for re-reading the book and said 35 chapters, I literally felt I could collapse.

One extraordinary thing I have discovered, and I'm not sure if I like it is the fact I have become consumed by my writing, and as soon as it stopped I was like Oh My God so this is what REAL LIFE is about, and it takes some adjusting.

In writing I totally neglected my personal life!

If I am not writing, I am reading, and I am an introvert, who loves nothing more than having a blank afternoon to sit and read or write. I do enjoy going outside occasionally, really, but I often don't make the effort to do things socially that really every now and then I should. 

However, although I am taking a break from the reviewing the Children of Annwn, which I   actually read from beginning to end without changing anything, impossibly hard and still enjoyed it.    :)
I cannot sit idle, and I get impatient waiting for feedback from a couple of friends who are reading the entire book and giving feedback and hopefully checking for errors, which I know are  there because I saw them when I was reading through, but would not stop and change them as I would never stop changing stuff, you get the picture right?

So,  after a funky couple of weeks I decided to pick up and old story and I love it, I mean I really love it, and I am getting myself immersed once again in my new book, Capturing the Welsh Witch an adult paranormal romance. Yay!!!!

For this book, I am actually going to start a bible of sorts about the book you know notebooks on the characters, the setting, the history, and research I undertook for the story. I saw in another writer's blog how she started this for a book she was writing, and I thought it was a fab idea to get everything organized. I make notes and have endless scribbles on bits of paper but nothing quite so organized, so I am on it!!

Next week, I'm traveling home to Wales to visit my mum who turns 85, Happy Birthday mum, xxx
Travelling for me is always a source of inspiration and as Children of Annwn is set partly in Wales, I love going home because I always feel motivated to get writing...

Northern Irish Actor Jamie Dornan is my inspiration for Marcus Drayton in Capturing the last Welsh Witch. He's got that broody and serious look going on but underneath he is totally devoted to the one he loves and will give her everything to be by her side.
              Snippet from Capturing the Last Welsh Witch

 “Are you listening Drayton, I’ve had enough of your incompetence…” 
Marcus looked out his window, “Yes sir I understand.” He walked towards the bureau, open a drawer, and picked up a  picture of Ella, and stared hard at it.
   Where are you?
   He traced her heart-shaped face with his fingers. She looked young and innocent. After being knocked unconscious, Marcus had woken to discover the Professor battered to death. There was blood spatter everywhere. During his time as a Navy SEAL, he had seen plenty of harrowing scenes, but the thought that this petite and seemingly defenseless woman could bludgeon to death a man until he was unrecognizable was the reason he emptied the contents of his stomach. He simply could not believe that she was responsible. The last image Marcus remembered was of Ella crashing to the floor, after that bastard’s hand had walloped her. 

Have a great weekend doing what you love, and welcome all new members thanks for the support. x