Thursday, April 26, 2012

My male muses......

Welcome to happy Thursday. Almost didn't manage to write this blog, the week has been crazy.

Anyway, one of the revisions in my MS was to give my male lead Ryder/Robert a voice. Because the story is a romantic fantasy, part of what I felt was missing was his view on things. At the beginning he is quite typical of an Alpha male. In his world of Annwn men are by nature more dominant over the female and he was looked upon as being a leader. He's tall at nearly six foot,with shaggy, inky- black hair, he's muscle bound and physically strong. His melted warm chocolate eyes, can penetrate even the most vitriolic female. As with many Alpha males, he's comfortable in his own skin and he's not ashamed to reveal himself, as he's confident of his appeal. He believes strongly in being positive even under stress. He's a problem solver, he accepts things as they are and looks for a solution. He pushes Mia to her boundaries and challenges her, but ultimately he respects her and all that she is. He's open to change and self discovery, although he's scared of losing all that he has. He's vunerable because he's an open book and although this makes his relationship with Mia intense and intimate he's terrified that it also makes him weak. He does change in the story, living in the modern world where the roles of men and women are more equal, he discovers that Mia is strong, independant and totally capable of making decisions too. To ensure their future, he know's he will have to relinquish some of the control and they will have to work together.
His flaws are ultimately stepping down and sharing the leadership with Mia and his jealously over her relationship with Alex. Everything was predetermined in Annwn, families were aligned from an early age. In the human world, there is so much choice and although he accepted Annwn's way, it's was all he'd ever known and believed, he starts to see what this world has to offer. He has a penchant for peanut butter,eating out of the jar with his fingers, he loves to stargaze and he can sing.  I think the two have an amazing chemistry, fireworks of both passion, contempt, distrust, and then mutual respect. I've heard a lot about muses lately and in creating my character for Robert/ Ryder I cannot pin down one particular muse there are many, above are a sample of the inspiration for this character. It really helps to have a visual to write about.

Check out the link below it gives some tips for writing a paranormal romance that I found helpful.Thanks for looking.

                                                        Small excerpt from Chapter 7

“I’m glad you’re here, I didn’t think you’d come. I was never in any danger of getting hurt, I could sense your fear,” he said, baring his perfect white teeth.
Tingles prickled along her spine and shivered as he spoke. She was an open book to him, it unnerved her, and she tried to ignore him. Any minute Alex could walkover and there would be a massacre. Added to that, she knew without a doubt he was anything but an ordinary boy. His remarks confirmed it. Even at a distance and whilst playing football, he had known she was worried about him. She stared into his eyes that reached for her and slammed her angry words into his mind; You have to leave me alone.
Then when and where, because we need to talk, his words were gentle but strained as they raced through her head.  I’m not going to hurt you, when will you realize that. There was no escaping him. They were the same, whatever that meant.
“I have to go or Alex will come looking…..” she said tearing her eyes away from his.
“You cannot keep doing this,” he said
His hand blocked her exit. She turned and caught his taut face inches away from hers. His smiled had vanished, and then he sighed with exasperation and ran his hand through his tassled hair. He removed his arm and turned to face a very stony looking Alex. His eyes looked like a stormy sea and his mouth was pulled into a thin straight line. His shoulders were pulled back but Robert was still an inch or two taller. Alex’s face was strained; he was trying very hard to control his annoyance as he looked from Mia to Robert.
“You played well, good win,” he said.
“Thanks. There’s a party to celebrate if you’d all like to come?” he said.
Alex cocked his head to the side, inspecting Robert up and down through narrowed eyes. Mia held her breath and waited to see what he would say.
“Not tonight mate, another time. I just came to get Mia, our food is ready.”
With that he reached for her hand and pulled her away. Mia’s hair flicked over her shoulders as she passed Robert by and knew it was not finished, she bit her lip and tried to calm the storm she was feeling from Robert.
Please not here.  But the atmosphere was all heat and fury,his aura darker to a murky green and she knew it was coming, like it or not.
“Mia, is that what you want?” Robert called.
Alex snapped his head around, taking a good look at Robert and then marched over passed Mia and headed up close to Robert. They faced each other and then Alex launched.
“What is it with you Mathews, winning the game not enough? Mia’s with me, are you blind?” Alex said. Robert called out beyond Alex, he wouldn’t let go.
“Is that right Mia, are you with Alex?” Robert dared to ask.
There was absolute silence, Mia felt the tiny hairs stand up on the back of her neck, her stomach ached and her head roared. What on earth was Robert playing at; he didn’t seem to care how upset Alex was or how awkward it made things for her. They were fighting over her like children, both wanting the same toy.
“I don’t belong to anyone. I’m going to eat, then I’m going home.”  Their volatile conversation had attracted a crowd, curious as to what the ruckus was all about. Alex didn’t budge.
“Mia, I want to sort this out, what the hell is going on?” he said.
He turned to stare directly at her and blocked Robert completely out of view. Mia wished the ground would just swallow her up, why had Robert forced this situation, it was all his doing. Right now she could gladly thump him. She had intended to discuss everything well almost everything with Alex tonight, now they were becoming a very public spectacle.
“Alex there is nothing going on, please can we just go” she said in a hushed voice.
She felt annoyed with Robert for putting her in this predicament. Although, she knew that it was her fault too. Some of the Blue Crusaders had gathered now and they looked eager for a fight and were poised ready to join in, if there should be one. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Her face was scarlet; there was a movement amongst the crowd, a girl from the cheerleaders appeared. Mia didn’t know her name, but she was the same one from the night of the concert and here she was again searching for Robert.
“Rob, come on I want to go to the party, can we leave,” Robert glared at Mia.
The girl was very pretty and it was obvious, she wanted his undivided attention. The crowd erupted again chanting.” “Party….party”.
Robert said simply, “Sorry.”
Again Mia wasn’t sure who the apology was aimed at, but he turned and left. Some of the tension between her and Alex left too but she felt hollow inside. As they returned to their table, they sat and ate  in an uncomfortable silence.