Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not everything goes to plan!

 I don’t think anyone goes through life problem free. How you decide to deal with them is another thing! You can either choose to face them and figure something out or ignore them.

For a while, I have ignored one, and unfortunately everything erupted at once.

Several stressors collided like an explosion that rocked my foundation. To be honest, I’m still feeling the after-effects of some.
It’s so true when you meet people you have no clue about the battles they face. For days, I didn’t know how to pull myself out from a very dark place where I simply wanted to cry all the time. I wanted to chuck everything in and my body wasn’t helping me either as I lacked any energy or drive. My hormones were surging making me tearful which didn't help at all in making any kind of plan.
I like to keep busy to take my mind off of the issues but every now and then it all seeps back and some problems, you know, you cannot solve and those are the most heartbreaking.

However, my hubbie of nineteen years, which must be love, right, has been my rock. He’s supported me and allowed me to wallow for a day, and then we talked and talked about the future and how we’re able to help with a family issue. He’s such a good man. He came up with suggestions and ideas to help me when I couldn’t.

On a professional matter, he has helped me after I made the decision to self-publish my Children of Annwn series when my publishing company closed their doors at the beginning of September.  My professional life is crazy busy, but I have control now and I’m happy with this. I feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn about self-publishing, but I have a brilliant band of friends who have heaps of experience of this and it’s due to them, that I decided to take this route.

Children of Annwn: The Battle Amazon USA     $3.99
Children of Annwn:The Promise Amazon UK       2.50
Children of Annwn:The Battle Amazon UK            2.50

 I planned  to self-publish my first adult paranormal, Capturing the Last Welsh Witch, but I now find myself self-publishing all four of my books, so I’m a little busy right now…

However, come October, I will be taking some time out as the health issue, I had been ignoring will be finally addressed. Therefore, I am not certain about my timeline for the book releases they will get out there when I can honestly say, I’m happy, and they’re ready. As I’m the boss, I definitely have a deadline, and I am a hard taskmaster, but I will not rush and if it has to wait, then so be it.

I know love. I know sorrow. I know pain, and this is life. I will embrace it in all its beautiful forms because in this way, I know I’m still alive. Life is precious and a gift.

No matter what I face, I will always try to keep the writing going because it’s what I love to do.