Thursday, August 20, 2015

Writing in the Summer!

Writing to a deadline is hard, writing during the summer with the kids around is almost impossible, but like the saying above if I waited for the perfect time I may never write at all.

I have to write or I get frustrated, and even if I know it’s not the best I could do it is something on the screen that I can go back and improve upon.

This summer has taught me several things.

1. I can work to a deadline.
2. I will not apologize for putting my writing before my social life.
3. Guard your writing time.
4. I still love the creative writing process.
5. I can adapt.

On August 11th my second installment in the YA romantic fantasy, Children of Annwn series was released in print. This always means so much to me. Having the actual book in my hands is confirmation that my writing is really out there. As I promote this book, I’m also writing and finishing my first adult paranormal romance, Capturing the Last Welsh Witch which I have penned for release by the end of 2015. I have at least two further books I need to finish, as well as an idea for another series. I have managed to find time to stay connected to my writers group and that I always find inspiring. I also visited an author event at Haverhill library and was able to chat with an eclectic mix of writers who were fascinating and it gave me great insight into the set- up of such events as I hope to be one of those authors next time!

The Battle in print

The Battle in kindle

I would LOVE some help with reviews if you have read  the book and if not, please spare five minutes after reading it to post your comments. I will love you forever....


Me with my two books in the Children of Annwn series, such a wonderful feeling. The future is looking great, and I’m open to anything that comes my way. Oh, I also had time for a holiday in Canada at Niagara on the Lake. Amazing, and I spent time with my sister and her family which was fabulous but over too soon.


I am planning a giveaway on Goodreads which starts next week on the 27th, will post details, and I have another competition in September, details to follow. To keep up to date with all the goings on check out my facebook page, or website both included below.