Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So much to say last week was for me an exciting week I felt I was really getting into my creative stride so far as my writing was concerned. After weeks of broken, interrupted time when it was impossible to focus, and write, last week was brillant. Added to that excitement was  Liz Michalski's book signing of her debut novel Evenfall . I emailed her as soon as I knew I was going, and felt so nervous knowing how busy this time must be for her. However she responded very quickly and gave me some insights into her world, and that of a writer, she answered my questions, and gave me food for thought. Liz has been writing for years, and had attended a few workshops at a place called Grubstreet in  Boston . They hold writers workshops, conferences where you can meet not only other writers but publishers, and agents. You can also arrange to send a section of your manuscript usually 25 pages that are completed in to be viewed, and critqued by a published author that has an interest or writes in the same field as you.

So much to do, it did give me such an exhilaration being in talks with someone who shares the same passion but is that much further ahead than myself. It is like a light glowing at the end of a very long dark and mysterious tunnel. Anway, I am trying to furiously get 25 pages as finished as I can so I can get some feedback via grubstreet have to submit by thursday. Argh !!!! I have also sent my entire manuscript to two of my friends for their scrutiny I am not sure I want to know their feelings......yet..... I am in my bubble, scared it is going to be burst very soon. It is a work in progress. A labour of love. My hubbie has also managed to read to chapter eight now without falling asleep only nearly and he continues to give me daily advice on how to spice the book up as you could imagine only a bloke could. Liz did say it took her 7 years to finish her book being a working mother of two. I am not sure how long it will take me, to get it to such a stage where it would be worthy of publication but I am having such fun so I will have to keep plodding along until I do.

Cheers for now Jen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, so I have been home to Wales for a couple of weeks. I love going home seeing my family I miss them so very much.Inspiration comes in all ways music, a book, a poem, a view, a building. At the moment it seems that in everything I see, hear, read or watch I am looking for something that I can tease and play with to put in my story. On one visit to the National museum of Wales which was very interesting for my youngest and myself . I read a quote by Thomas Hardy and I felt this needed to be mentioned somewhere in my book because it is  something that can help give a bit of credibility to explain a certain part of my story and I loved that I just happened across it.

The day that I arrived in Cardiff via the National Express bus after 6hrs on a plane and 3hrs on the coach with a very sleepy 6year old. I watched as we passed by Cardiff Castle a relatively modern rebuild of the old Norman fortress it is still impressive to see. As we drove by there is a clock tower with rather ornamental painted statues around the fours corners of the tower and I found it captivating. I plan to use this scene and the statues of animals that guard the castle wall in the next book my mind was full speed ahead as to how I could incorporate them into my story, so I made some quick notes and took pictures.

I am at 75,000 words I am not sure that this story will ever be published I worry that I am not good enough. I am close to finishing the story not the book. I have 3 chapters left to complete and then I need to go through it and pull it all together. I need people I can trust to read what I have composed and give me their opinions this is quite difficult to find. I am a sensitive creature but I know I need advice and help so I need to accept and reflect upon people's comment.

I am excited this week also as I am going to a book signing at Andover book shop, Liz Michalski a new author is there she has just had her first book published called, " Evenfall". I cannot wait to meet her. I have sent her an email as I have a few questions I wanted to ask, let you know how that goes. Finally, I am leaving you with the quote,

I am the family face;
         f lesh perishes,I live on
         Projecting trait and trace
        Through time to times anon,
        And leaping from place to place
        Over Oblivion.
Thomas Hardy, from Heredity (1917)