Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay, so I have been home to Wales for a couple of weeks. I love going home seeing my family I miss them so very much.Inspiration comes in all ways music, a book, a poem, a view, a building. At the moment it seems that in everything I see, hear, read or watch I am looking for something that I can tease and play with to put in my story. On one visit to the National museum of Wales which was very interesting for my youngest and myself . I read a quote by Thomas Hardy and I felt this needed to be mentioned somewhere in my book because it is  something that can help give a bit of credibility to explain a certain part of my story and I loved that I just happened across it.

The day that I arrived in Cardiff via the National Express bus after 6hrs on a plane and 3hrs on the coach with a very sleepy 6year old. I watched as we passed by Cardiff Castle a relatively modern rebuild of the old Norman fortress it is still impressive to see. As we drove by there is a clock tower with rather ornamental painted statues around the fours corners of the tower and I found it captivating. I plan to use this scene and the statues of animals that guard the castle wall in the next book my mind was full speed ahead as to how I could incorporate them into my story, so I made some quick notes and took pictures.

I am at 75,000 words I am not sure that this story will ever be published I worry that I am not good enough. I am close to finishing the story not the book. I have 3 chapters left to complete and then I need to go through it and pull it all together. I need people I can trust to read what I have composed and give me their opinions this is quite difficult to find. I am a sensitive creature but I know I need advice and help so I need to accept and reflect upon people's comment.

I am excited this week also as I am going to a book signing at Andover book shop, Liz Michalski a new author is there she has just had her first book published called, " Evenfall". I cannot wait to meet her. I have sent her an email as I have a few questions I wanted to ask, let you know how that goes. Finally, I am leaving you with the quote,

I am the family face;
         f lesh perishes,I live on
         Projecting trait and trace
        Through time to times anon,
        And leaping from place to place
        Over Oblivion.
Thomas Hardy, from Heredity (1917)    

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