Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Author chat with a 15 year old YA writer!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone, This year, I am very grateful to all my lovely readers who have bought my book the Children of Annwn:The Promise. To those who have left a review that is definitely the icing on the cake, and it gives me a feeling of validation certainly when the comments are so heartfelt. I am happy to announce that the paperback copy of the book will be released the end of December! I don't have an actual date yet, but will post an update when I know, and I will be having a giveaway as well as book signings. I'm also happy to say that I'm around 3/4 way through the second, and I'm looking at different titles. Tell me what you think.
          Broken Promises?
          The Battle?

Children of Annwn: The Battle..."Most high-school seniors are nominated for a title in the yearbook like most likely to succeed or die a virgin, something lame like that. Mia Childs imagined hers would read most likely to become a bad-ass evil queen."
  Anyway, today, I'm delighted to introduce a lovely YA writer Vartika Sikarwar....

Vartika Sikarwar I would like to start by telling you a little bit about myself-
I am 15 years old. BIRTHDAY:- 02 DECEMBER 1999. (coming soon! ;) ) . 

I live in Ghaziabad, India.

I was inspired to write this by JK Rowling. I just love her Harry Potter series, also Shakespeare's play's were great source of my inspiration.
rest I inspire myself, by my own thoughts.

I am narcist. But I am not selfish. I love to read, write and sing. I wrote my first novel when I was 12. But I got published when I am 15. (It was a little hard time). I just love to connect with new people throughout the world their writing. Two women in my life who inspires me most are My Mom, and J.K.Rowling. There are the great source of inspiration in my life. I Just Love both. I love music, and sing English songs. I also love Biking. I am working on my two other books, along with my school life. :)

About My Adventure To The Secret Door:
My Adventure to the secret Door is a Adventure, Thrill. It have lots of adventure, mystery and story of young teens. The story mainly revolves around 13 years old girl Amaya, who is also the narrator of the story. She loves adventures, and always dreamt of it. She had a lovely pet Boxer. One day her unusual dreams, became true and in the strangest way, the way she never thought. Well she didn't knew but she had always been part of it.  Now she knew something about this world, but she didn't knew about real world, whether she was alive or Dead......

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Vartika it was an absolute pleasure to have you on here today, and you are such an inspiration to all the young adult writers out there! Thanks for joining me and please keep in touch.

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