Sunday, January 16, 2011

Full Steam ahead

I am so happy to report that the last week has been a brilliant and productive time for me. I feel rejuvenated and it is full steam ahead. Writing for me is such a wonderful pleasure and after spending days locked away I feel so involved in my writing that I am reluctant to stop . I have 65,800 words so far and although through the Christmas period my progress came to a complete and utter stand still I am convinced that with a couple of months of solid work I will have finished the story. Then I need to go through the painstaking process of perfecting my creation. I feel so excited now I feel so close .

My story is a fictional romance with a mix of sci/fi added in. It is written with the young adult in mind. The main characters are from the future they travel back through time in order to alter the visions that they have seen. The visions are of the demise of mankind. They have certain abilities that help them in this quest, however there is a group of people who are also from the future whose sole aim is to cause as much havoc and chaos as possible, they are their enemies. They are called The Dark Shadows they are a dark malevolent force who also have many abilities, they want power,knowledge and to destroy the group.  It is a love story with many little stories going on , good versus evil,but ultimately showing the power that love can have.

I have even started to do some research on how to get published this I feel is going to be a rather difficult and perhaps more complicated journey. Do I self publish and therefore eliminate the process of repeated disappointment but at least I get to publish my book.  There are self help companies who will  do all the marketing and selling, well basically anything you want or need them to do for you and you retain the rights to your book but obviously all of this is at a cost to yourself. Or do I follow the traditional route and seek out an established publishing agency ?? Risking rejection .Questions Questions . Anyway not there yet so just food for thought at the minute.

Will be away for a couple of weeks but I will try to continue to write and to do some more research. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the blog. Until next time .xx

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