Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love you Mum xxxx

I have to share a story with you . Last summer my family and I decided to go on holiday to the Cape for a week. We booked a lovely house by the sea in Eastham, so close we could walk to it which was the idea. The summer had been one of the hottest on record, certainly since I had lived in America, it was just gorgeous. Well, the week we were on vacation I believe there was an off shore hurricane, and as such we had the ripple effect that happens with these storms. Consequently out of the7 days 4 of them were under constant cloud, and a mix of hard core drenching rain or cold misty drizzle. We had a ball, no we really did we made the most of it . Anyway ,whilst down on the Cape we went searching for rain coats, umbrella's, anything to keep us dry. Whilst being blown into a thrift store in Chatham, where we bought 3 small brollies for pennies , I spied some jewelry in a large glass case. I love thrift shops, and so very discreetly went to have a look. In the case there were many necklaces, bracelets, rings some old some new, one of the pieces caught my eye. There was a large silver ring with a very pale green stone in the centre, oval in shape . It caught my eye as I swear I had just seen one in TJ Maxx for over $100 . I very hesitatingly asked the assistant if she could help me, and I quizzed her about the cost whilst trying the ring on. Of course it was a perfect fit, as it had only just been my birthday two days prior, and my mother had sent some money over which was burning a hole in my pocket I bought the ring .

Yes, for a lot cheaper than I had seen it in TJMaxx . I loved it ,kept looking at it, as I am not used to wearing such chunky jewelry . I wore the ring almost continuously, the only time I took it off was several weeks later when I was hosting a dinner for a group of friends . I remember taking the ring off to put away the dishes and start some washing . The next day I walked into the kitchen to reach for my ring which I was sure was on the small window ledge. No ring . For days I searched in drawers on the floor under the cooker on hands, and knees. No ring . I  questioned my husband my kids. No ring . I prayed a lot to St Anthony he always works for me . No ring . I was quite distraught as it was something I bought from my mother and I had lost it, something I had cared for but obviously not enough. Finally,  I let it go believing that some how it had been throw away in the bin or something equally ridiculous to stop me from questioning where it could be . I closed the door.

Well yesterday Three and half months later my husband is searching in the kitchen drawers for something, as he has broken his phone, again . What does he come across but right at the back of this small drawer next to the wine cooler which is around the corner in my kitchen, is my ring . He came practically running upstairs to present me with the ring proud of his discovery and I just couldn't believe it . I just smiled and hugged him,  he then went onto joke that I had  just gone out and bought another ring. Well I wouldn't have waited that amount of time, if that was what I was going to do . Nope this was the original ring , I cleaned and polished it and immediately phoned my mum we spoke for ages.  I told her the story and now this ring has become more important than it ever was before. It is just a silly ring but full of significance for me now. It felt as if it was a sign, that when all hope is lost you must not give up, you have to continue to believe and the impossible can happen. I believe this 2011 is a year full of promise , I am so excited to be here, living my life, doing what I love.

This week was so refreshing getting back to work, I was so ready and eager to begin . I have so far to go but I am working on it, and that is what counts. I will get there eventually better go lots to do .