Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas Spirit

I love this time of year, I love the lead up to Christmas. Not the frenzy of shopping, the baking, the decorating in the house, the tree, the parties, cooking the dinner on Christmas day. The general good will to all men. The old movies, Scrooge, and a Wonderful life . Welcoming the need to slow down unwind, and generally enjoy what we have been blessed with. Spending time with our loved one's, and reflecting on the past year,and  all that has been achieved. This year has been an exceptional challenge living away from family, I miss them so much, however we make it work, and make it special. The Christmas services here, are without doubt, unique, and instill in me the belief in Jesus Christ . So much goes on around us, but I believe he is my biggest, and brightest light throughout all adversity, and I cling to him . I welcome the new friends who hold him close, and thank them for their friendship, and prayers. Christmas, for me is about the possibilities, renewing our belief in something powerful, wonderful, and more important that anyone of us. It is the reason we exist, and I believe each and every one of us has a purpose, a dream we must follow, as it is God's wish. I believe he helps us every day, if we are open to his help, and guidance .

This is a quick blog in between the kids wanting to be fed, taking turns on the Wii Fit , which is hysterical or shovelling the snow. Needless to say not much is getting done in the way of real writing . I did connect with someone who is willing to help me in my research into music and recording and will give me some insight into forming a band and what goes on with rehearsals,creating music etc . So very excited about that . Also, need to follow up on another contact , a music teacher !!!! I have also decided that at the end of the school year I will look at attending some courses either on line or in community college in the fall of 2011. My youngest will be in first grade, and the money we have previously spent on full day kindergarten can be used to kick start my career and to help in my pursuit of becoming a novelist. Not much else to write, so I thought I would include a sneak peak, a part of my prologue, just to see what you thought !!! 


"As I stand next to him watching, and waiting, looking at this great expanse that is the sky, with a sense of utter dread. I know this has been a vision, a recurring one for as long as I can remember. Only this time it is real! Night time, is somehow magical, mysterious, evoking a sensation of endless possibilities. Many things that happen at this time when the darkness takes over from the light are done so for that very reason, to remain hidden, clandestine or secret .We stand looking, as the glorious sun sets, the sky ablaze of deep bold colors, from strong violets, translucent fuchsia’s, bright oranges and dusky golden hues. It sets such a majestic painting that the old masters would be proud to name their own .This painting seems particularly special as we stand alone, it is just for us! Perhaps, to serve as a reminder of what we leave behind. Maybe, to give us courage to believe in what we are about to do. For what good is all this wondrous beauty, if there is no one here to appreciate, and enjoy it. "

Let me know what you think?  Does it make you want to know more ??? I will get back to it, when there are no distractions. I am going home for a couple of weeks as I need to visit my family, and so envisage a somewhat haphazard pattern of writing  over the next several weeks, writing when I can. When the soul and spirit combine making it possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  • While there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.

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    It is the greatest medicine I know, having a good old laugh cures many ailments. it is good medicine for the heart and soul. So have a laugh xxxx

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