Monday, April 13, 2015

My five minutes of television fame....

Spring has arrived and with it is my brand new release in the Children of Annwn series book two The Battle. How excited am I? Ridiculously super excited...

I loved writing this book for so many reasons and I love the title because bringing this book to life was a battle in itself.

Book two finds Mia facing her demons and Ryder also has to face his fears as they continue to fight Greyson, his monsters and Rhiannon. They discover new allies in the shape of a new character from Annwn, Malachi and his side kick Lucas. More secrets emerge as the boundaries between realms blur and cross over. And time is running out as a secret group is discovered that has its own sinister reasons for gaining control of the most powerful artifact from Annwn The Gilgamesh.


Mia's stuck in the human realm because the portal is closed, and her magic AWOL. Powerless, her sworn enemy, Greyson, kidnaps Mia ensnaring her in his spider's web with an offer to restore her magic. Oblivious to the risks, Mia accepts, but spirals into madness, believing her destiny is to retrace the footsteps of her ancestor, the evil Queen Rhiannon.

Ryder visits London with his friends, and Fusion enters the Battle of the Bands competition believing the location of the portal to be nearby,but he bewitched by a beautiful siren. In a blood-thirsty battle for control, a friend's life is sacrificed. Breaking all the rules, Ryder brings out the weapons namely ancient blades, and calls upon the Alltud, an arcane group for help.

Mia must resist Rhiannon's possession or Ryder has agree to end her life to prevent the queen gaining control of the Gilgamesh an omnipotent power, which will mean Armageddon for the humans.

It's time to put the greatest power of all to the test!

Below is the link to my T.V. appearance.....

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