Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is in the air.

Well it's Valentines Day tomorrow and if you're out dashing around trying to figure out what your loved one wants for this dedicated day of love and romance. Here's a little secret, she/he probably wants the same thing, acknowledgement that they're important in your life. That they matter in some small way!!

Life is busy for most of us, we all get caught up in work and the kids. And life can be so darn complicated at times.We run around stir-crazy pulling our hair out most of the time with what needs to be done.Well if you're anything like me you do!!! But actually setting aside time for the one you love and making that person feel special is so important in any relationship and it doesn't require a hefty bank balance in order to do so.

Flowers, chocolates, whatever floats your loved one's boats, I guess that is the key. Knowing what will make your partner happy and if you love them you should know. I think it can definitely be in the small things you do, like listening to them as they retell you their busy day. Make them feel good about what they have acheived. Turning off all the electronics and talking, giving them your undivided attention. Making a great meal and talking over a glass of wine. Simple pleasures that we mostly don't bother with after a while. If for no other reason Valentine's Day sets aside time to stop everything else and be grateful for those who love us and share our lives day in, day out, for better for worse. Show them you appreciate them. Show them you still love them. x

Yesterday on a spur of the moment I decided to try another short story competition and here's my story.

                                                My Angel written by Jennifer Davies

“Kenneth what’s so special about the picture? You stare at it for hours?”

Nurse Philips handed back the antique gold frame that held the treasured black and white photograph, biting her lip.

“I hope I’m not prying?”

Kenneth Thomas a ninety-two year old veteran held the frame in his shaky and sun mottled hands. Such a long time ago.

“It’s a picture of an angel!” He turned to stare straight into her face, his eyes unblinking.

Nurse Philips moved closer and peered over his shoulder.


He could remember the day as if it were yesterday. It was the Liberation of Paris, August 26th 1944 and he was sat astride a tank with several of his squadron posing for the cameras on the Champs-Elysees. Smiling French ladies were hoisted up onto the tank especially for the magazine taking the shot of allied forces marching through Paris. The mood was euphoric.

“We were the conquering heroes that day. Strangers cheering, women throwing themselves at us in the streets, but I knew something was amiss. I could smell roses… roses were her favorites.” He coughed, spluttered and clutched at his chest.

“Mr. Thomas are you alright, you don’t have to explain?”

He patted her hand and carried on as if needing to tell his story,” Hitler’s army had just been chased out of Paris and we were celebrating. That’s me right there and that’s Mikey, Ginger and Scott. Good guys all of them. As I said the women were very pretty strangers and I didn’t see this photograph until much later, but there right beside me is Marion, she spoke to me.” His finger gently smoothed across the frame and a stray tear fell upon his cheek.

“She’s beautiful, who is she?”  

A pain radiated across his left arm and gripped his chest.”That raven haired beauty was my wife. We’d only been married four months when I left for Normandy. I was part of Operation Overlord. I left on the 6th of June 1944 along with thousands of troops and vessels. Two months it took for us to infiltrate their defenses on Omaha beach. Two months. Many died.  I barely made it but through it all I kept thinking of Marion and our child. Of how I must survive for their sakes. Her memory made me strong. The irony of course is that she died in childbirth. I didn’t know until after the war. Nurse, war is terrible, so much lost of life, so many horrific injuries. Terrible atrocities, things you can never forget. But throughout it all I felt her with me like a guardian angel right to the end.”

“Oh Mr. Thomas I’m so sorry that’s so sad. What happened to the child?”

He patted her hand seeing that she too was crying, “Its all right dear, we fell in love the moment we met in that dusty old book store in Devon. It was war time and everything was a rush. We married as soon as we could get a license. Of course I didn’t ship out straight away and believe you me we made a lifetime of memories in those short months. More than most have in a lifetime. She was the love of my life. I knew she was carrying my child before I went to Normandy. We choose the names together. Daniel, if it was a boy and Catherine for a girl.”

A throaty cough caught Kenneth and he paused his eyes watering.

“Kenneth take this.” She passed him a glass of cold water and he swallowed.

“Thank you. Anyway Daniel was born and I damaged these,” he slapped his legs in the wheelchair and rubbed his arm,” landmine in Lorraine. When I arrived home I had forgotten all about Marion and her family thought I had died. For a year she haunted me until finally I regained my memory and Daniel. He will be here this weekend. ”

A buzzer called the nurse away. A scent of roses wafted around Mr. Thomas, he took a deep breath and slumped back in his chair. He knew today she would visit him, the pain was unbearable and she had promised him she would visit again, when it was time.

It was time.

My angel.   

Happy writing x


  1. Jennie, this is so beautiful! I would like to feature this on Awakenings. I just featured an article by Micki Peluso so I will let hers run through tonight and post yours in the morning if that is okay with you. You can check out the post about Micki here:

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    1. Thanks Sharla,

      You've made my day. x

  3. Written well, and with the feelings you were there.
    Sharla, is great at picking out good writing.

    1. Dear Ron, Thanks so much this piece was out of my comfort-zone for sure, but I really enjoyed coming up with the story. Jen x

  4. Lovely. Try expanding it. It reads like the first chapter. I'd like to read the second!

    1. Thank you,thank you. I'm new to writing and this was my second attempt at a short story. With each one it feels like it's a taster and there's room to explore and enlarge into a bigger story. I'm wondering if I'm doing it right?? Jen