Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Four years September, I started to write Children of Annwn. Now, I'm on the last legs of this particular journey. I'm about to submit my manuscript, to see if it has what it takes to be published traditionally. I am way beyond nervous. I'm terrified. I'm preparing myself for rejection, because it's a fact of life. I keep telling myself, no matter what,  to keep going. If I don't have belief in myself, no one will, and I do.

I believe in my story, and I hope other's will to. I'm a romantic, I always have been, and I refuse to give up.

Children of Annwn is a love story about overcoming the odds and not giving up. It's about fulfilling a promise, even when you doubt yourself and those around you. It's about growing up and taking responsibility for the choices you make. It's about believing that anything is possible.

In this small excerpt which is near the end, Mia is about to step onto the stage and perform for her last time in the human world. It's a pivotal moment. Everything is about to change.

   Above her churning stomach and the hammering of her heart, Mia could hear the screaming audience. Out front, Fusion was being introduced. The Kittens, ran off stage, huffing and puffing. As they passed by, they had big smiles plastered across their faces. Walking passed Mia, Simone blew Robert a kiss. Mia smirked at the girl and watched as she stumbled over something that wasn't there. Robert saw and knew Mia was messing around. He tugged her hand to pull her away. Then they were all walking up the short flight of stairs and onto the deserted stage. The curtains were drawn in front of them, but they could hear the crowd and Mia could feel the heat from the lights above. She swallowed and took her place by the microphone watching as everyone took theirs. Everyone was quiet. Mia turned her head back and forth, still no sign of Greyson. Evan sat waiting. His forehead was shiny from a layer of sweat. Danni stood next to Mia and winked at her. Mia smiled back. She moved her head to her left, Robert stood there. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
    Mia sucked in a deep breath and blinked. Everyone was tense but ready.                             
     This is it
     She couldn't answer him, just yet. Greyson was out front introducing the band. Mia could hear him explaining to the audience about Ayesha. Her heart was pounding frantically. There were shouts and yells. Then silence. The curtains drew back and a sea of waving arms, stood before them. Unknown faces covered in semi-darkness. Bright lights poured down on the group on stage and Mia blinked. Robert stooped forward into the microphone and introduced the first song, The Promise. He shot a gaze over at Mia. She willed her heart to slow and lifted her gaze to meet his.
   I’m ready.

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