Thursday, December 11, 2014

Secret Santa Facebook Hop

Merry Christmas and we are so happy you’re here to spread the holiday cheer! As part of the epic Secret Santa Facebook Hop, we are here to give some stuff away! Who doesn’t love a good present and a little secret santa! SO for a GIFT (that’s a secret… shhh) please make sure to like my page, and comment here with a picture of a sexy Santa!
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                                          Children of Annwn: The Battle

I am really looking forward to Christmas as I simply love this time of year and I love to hibernate once all the shopping is done to bake mince pies and cookies.  Before that happens, I have a wedding and a night of dancing in Boston planned which adds to the merriment of the season.

I have until today been writing non-stop on the second installment of Children of Annwn, and I was progressing really well, but I have come to a complete standstill as my computer has died. I hate technology and the fact that I have become so reliant upon it, argh!!! 

I am in a panic, but as that achieves nothing and I cannot DO anything to my computer until at least tomorrow, I am going to keep myself occupied, even if I lose everything, I will start again, BUT I so hope that isn't the case.

The beginning of any story is so incredibly important and as a new writer, I rewrote this section a million times trying to capture that scene on the beach as Mia Leronde stood knowing she was leaving everything behind... It was dawn, and in twenty-five minutes and thirty-six seconds, Mia would be human. Her hands trembled as she raised them, pointing out at the sea. As she stared at the raging waters, her heart raced alongside. Breathing in the saltiness of the sea, Mia called to her magic to still the rushing tide. When the water stopped, her uneven and irregular heartbeat settled.
“Are you ready?”
Mia turned at the sound of a deep husky voice, and gazed at Ryder, her betrothed. He was tall, broad shouldered, and his eyes were the color of roasted chestnuts. Their intense gaze reached into her soul, and managed to melt her worries while stirring her heart to a fever pitch. She accepted his outstretched hand and smiled. He was her heart, and the reason they both stood on the shores of their home, ready to cast aside everything they knew. Her toes curled into the silky grains of white sand like an anchor, but she knew she must let go and set sail.
“It’s now or never,” she said, giving him a brief smile.
Ryder smoothed a rough hand across her cheek, and she closed her eyes. Falling in love in Annwn came with a price, and she was willing to pay if it meant there was a happy ever after with Ryder, the man who possessed her heart. Once a couple took The Promise, an ancient law which pledged them to each other, they must complete a challenge that would test the power of their love and magic.
If their love did not survive they would remain mortal, and in a world where they did not belong. At this thought, her arms dropped to her side, and once more the waves thrashed upon the shore. The roar of the ocean as it crashed against the rocks echoed inside Mia Leronde’s ears, and she stared as the white foam fizzled and dissolved into the sand. Usually the sheer power of nature revived her, but today there was nothing but despair

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One year, I'm going to make a Christmas tree just like this one. Merry Christmas and Season Greetings to one and all. Don't forget about the Facebook hop as there are loads of lovely prizes up for grabs.xxxx

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