Thursday, February 19, 2015

Write about what you know???

I am having one of those truly surreal weeks, my youngest for the first time ever is away from home, and I feel bereft! However,  I have time to completely devote myself to my work which isn't really work because I love it so much. I never get this opportunity and it wasn't even planned.

My husband is away for the third week in a row, my teens are all occupied with girlfriends, and friends, and my youngest is away skiing!

This never happens!

Anyway, this week I had my first ever T.V. interview to be broadcast in our town of North Andover in April. The lovely Tiffany approached me after reading my article in the North Andover Patch and asked if I would like to chat about my book and writing in front of a camera, well how could I refuse???

Did I ever tell you that one of my biggest fears was public speaking? Well it is, and I used to hate it when as a student Midwife we would have to present to the group and my way of overcoming my insecurities and FEAR was to always go first.

That fear is still there, but I will not let it stop me from doing what I need to do and I keep telling myself this every-time I get scared or nervous, but it takes a lot of practice I think to feel comfortable in front of a camera knowing that your neighbors, friends, and members of the community perhaps will see you.

It was a learning experience, and I will get better! When it airs in April I will post the links...


I remember being told once upon a time that when it comes to writing, write about what you know. What do you think? Well, I believe you should write about what you know and if you don't know something then you research, discover, and bloody well find out.

My second and equally exciting  piece of news was my delightful interview with my friend Kelly Flanagan a witch and psychic who shared her knowledge with me and answered the many questions that I had about magick, spells, and energy.

A fascinating afternoon. Check out her blog. Kelly's Blog

After chatting and picking her brain my book order on Amazon makes me smile, but it is so exciting as this is all research for the third book in the Children of Annwn series. In this book Mia Leronde finally accepts who she is, all the light and the dark that makes her Mia, and she learns how to use all her magick and to harness the temperamental side of her nature. She battles the evil queen Rhiannon and loses someone that she never thought she would feel sadness at losing, but realizes her destiny and embraces all that entails. I cannot wait to get started but need to read everything and finish the edits of the second book.

Every day, I'm learning, and I'm the luckiest woman alive doing what I love, and if you discover that, never let it go!

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