Monday, August 13, 2018

New release and Giveaway!

REVENGE OF THE WITCH ( BOOK#3 in The Rise of Orion series)  

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I love writing about Ella Masters who was hung as a witch in the 16th century in Wales, and yet as a soul-shifter her story didn't end there. She has several lives, and in nearly every one is betrayed by men. The series is about her quest for enlightenment, and true love, but also about breaking a curse and defeating her enemy.

This past week I opened a new Word file, as I started to write the 4th installment in the series Destiny of the Witch. But, the strangest thing happened. A voice kept saying to me to write about how the story of Ella Masters began...

You see way back in the day when I first had the desire to write a paranormal romance, I knew straight away I wanted to create a character slighty different than the norm. I love vampires, witches, and werewolves, but I wanted Ella Masters to be different. Living in New England the drive to write about a witch captured my imagination, but coming from Wales I wanted to use my roots as a foundation for Ella and stumbled across Gwen Ferch Ellis.

She is the first woman on record that was tried, sentenced and hung as a witch in 1594 in Denbigh, Wales. For several centuries from 14th-18th a mass hysetria and panic gripped society across Europe and the attitude toward witchcraft changed drastically from tolerance to finger-pointing and blaming for every disaster that occurred, until it reached it's pinnacle with the insanity of the witch trails in which thousands were hung or burned as witches.

Gwen was accused of charming and found guilty of murdering a man and causing a child to go mad. By all accounts Gwen was a spinner by trade and a healer known for her salves and natural remedies, but on the heresay of others she was painted as a vengeful woman who used witchcraft to strike out at people. Her awful and sad story resonated with me, and was the inspiration behind creating the fictional character of Ella Masters.

Ella isn't a witch, but a soul-shifter created with the ability for her soul to be reincarnated into another physical body, but the label of The Witch follows her in each lifeSo, as I celebrate the latest release, I am starting to outline the prequel, Becoming the Witch! 

                                                    Other News

Over the last couple of months I have been working with musician and singer Chris Phillips who created a song for Revenge of the Witch called The Fall!

Yesterday, I had the chance to listen to the recorded version and I'm telling you, it's amazing. It gives me chills just to think about it. When the final song is ready, I will be posting it everywhere.

Here's a litle bit about Chris...

Chris Phillips has been described by Alan McGee (the man who discovered British rock giants, Oasis) as "one of Wales' greatest songwriters”.

Born and raised in Aberdare, South Wales, Chris has written songs since he first learnt to play the guitar. He has always sighted his influences as Oasis, The Beatles and The Stone Roses and this will become absolutely clear to you when you listen to his music.
He has just released his 3rd album ‘Where Angels Play’ which is available everywhere now.


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I'm off on vacation on Wednesday, so it's "Ciao" for now.  Jen. x

Revenge of the Witch is out now........

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