Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All in good time.

Okay, the last several weeks have flown passed, and we are almost into February!!! I really need a good kick up the butt, and lots of motivation to get me out of this lackadaisical mood that I've been in for over a month. I have re-writes that need to be finished, so that I can send the manuscript Children of Annwn off again. Therefore, I guess, albeit a bit late, my new year resolution is to be focused on finishing what I started over four years ago!  

This is from a quarter of the way in the book. Mia Childs has agreed to go with the mysterious Robert in the hopes of discovering the truth about herself... 

  “Mia, what you’re feeling won’t last. Your body is awakening fully to the magic inside. The energy inside magic is extremely powerful. Once it settles, you’ll adjust, and it won’t feel, so intense. All your neurons have been highly charged. Your endorphins have been boosted big time. Eventually, everything will fall back to a more normal awareness.”
   Mia clung to him, leaning against his body, and gazing at his lips as if hypnotized.
  Kiss me. Kiss me Ryder.
 Her arms coiled round his neck, and she breathed in his scent, and kissed him. Gently, her lips pushed against his, and he kissed her back. She’d never experienced anything like this before. She wanted to crawl inside him. Her body burned, and yearned for him with a fever.
   Mia stop.
   His voice was low, and he sounded breathless. Ryder moved away, and struggled to compose himself. Mia jumped to her feet, confused as to why he had stopped.
   “What you’re feeling is the magic…everything is heightened. We couldn’t function like that continuously, it takes a lot of energy to channel into our magic, and when the magic is spent, we need to recharge…like…like now.”  He darted forward, as Mia suddenly keeled over. He caught, and gathered her into his arms.
   “I didn’t want you to stop. I wanted you…Wow, I feel so weak I feel …” Mia closed her eyes and the world disappeared. 
   “Should have known that was going to happen. Mia my love, you have your tattoo.” As he spoke, a dark twisting Celtic pattern of interlacing knots emerged on the right underside of Mia’s wrist. Matching his exactly. His family crest.    
   Mia’s eyelids fluttered open, and she grinned up into Ryders face. “That was such a rush,” she said. 

        It takes courage to see this through to the end, but I will endeavor! Wishing you all the courage to finish what you started, no matter what.

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