Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time to celebrate!

Clink! Clink! Can you hear me toasting with my friends and celebrating the fact that I have       signed a three book deal for the Children of Annwn series. Woot! Woot! Amazing feeling to     receive some acknowledgement of what you have achieved, and I'm embracing that feeling     for a while because what comes next is I think MUCH  harder, marketing and selling them. 

So, contracts signed, what comes next, well I have to read through the manuscript and work with a specially assigned editor and bring this baby home.

No  more snippets or teasers until it's ready! Oh, and did I mention I have 2 further books to write, yep have written some vague outlines and will feel happier when I can submerge myself back into the story. I also plan to set up a web-site, so when it's ready I will let you know.  

Oh, also on a sideline, I am going to enter a first page competition for a WIP that I have. I love these and if you have something suitable send along to the link below.


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