Monday, June 9, 2014

What happens after you submit?

When I started on that long road of writing, my biggest challenge was transferring the words from my head into the computer so that they made sense. I spent the next five years learning how to do it properly, changing the plot, adding characters, sub-plots, strengthen the world building, and learning how to edit, proofread, and go back after often harsh criticism and re-write.

I would hover at book signings, listening to authors talk about their books and how the stories were created and what inspired them as a way to re-inspire myself, even when at times I thought I should give up because I doubted I would ever be good enough.

 However, and I owe this to my mother who has been my greatest supporter and my ever loving husband without whom none of this would be possible, I did not give up and became more determined than ever to reach my goal of PUBLICATION.
After submitting my manuscript recently, I hope over the next few weeks to be able to share some very exciting and heart-stopping news, but before I do, I have taken a pause to consider what that next step really means.
 The next step is terrifying, challenging, and a whole new world of crazy!

For the longest time, I have been head bent and working tirelessly on getting Children of Annwn: The Promise, where it needs to be that I had not truly researched what is involved in the publication process?
          What do publishers actually do?

          Writing for me has always been a great joy, but it has not always been easy and now staring at what comes next, I wish I could simply carry on writing. Now, when you get your book published, there's a whole host of things to consider, like gaining  loyal followers, setting up a web-site, marketing your book, book signings, blog-hops, and finding ways to get your book out before your chosen audience. Am I ready for all of this????

I would like to thank all my followers for staying with me throughout the years and now more than ever, I need your support. Please, click on the links below and spread the word, thank you.


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