Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Release date!

ds is a stranger to herself, happy to hide in the background because of her terrifying visions. At Mia Childs is a stranger to herself, happy to hide in the background because of her terrifying visions. At night, she dreams of Annwn where she meets an outrageous flirt called Ryder and a sense of belonging invades. However, when Mia’s dreams become reality in the shape of a newcomer at school who's identical to the one in her dreams, her reality crumbles.

Ryder’s touch awakens her memories revealing that she is a child of Annwn, a guardian of her magical realm and the mortals. She learns that it was her visions of dwindling pregnancies causing the end of humanity and Annwn, which led her to evoke an ancient law, The Promise, which tests the power of their love and magic as a way to gain entry into the human world.

Now, Mia must embrace her fears in order to fulfill her promise and save humanity because Greyson, a Darkshadow has been manipulating events from the beginning and the fate of everyone she loves lies in her hands.

The Promise: Children of Annwn is the first in a trilogy. The story follows Mia and Ryder who are sent from their magical realm of Annwn into the human world to test the power of their love and magic. Their love is tested to see if they are a strong enough match as only the strongest are allowed to be together to ensure that magic continues to thrive.

Unknown to them a power struggle ensues back in Annwn which results in the Darkshadow prince entering the human world to cause chaos and he threatens the promise by threatening Mia with the lives of those that she loves if she doesn't agree with his demands.

"Falling in love in Annwn came with a price, and she was willing to pay if it meant there was a happy ever after with Ryder , the man who possessed her heart."

The Promise: Children of Annwn is YA romantic fantasy. It is about making a promise and the challenges that Mia goes through in order to fulfill it. It's a voyage of self-discovery that challenges her very sanity and soul. It's a story of good versus evil and how love can change you for the better or worse. It's about the power of true love. It's about magic...

                                Expected RELEASE DATE IS 26TH SEPTEMBER!!!

I am busy arranging blog hops and competitions for the day that the book is released and will keep you all informed as to how you will be able to buy the book.

So excited!!!

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