Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year and goals for 2016!

I cannot help but feel excited for 2016. I have many ideas for future stories that I want to write, and they may not all be of a romantic nature. You see one of the ways I gain inspiration is to read and when you read a book that is a page turner, that you cannot put down, and you find yourself analyzing how the story was put together, and how the characters were developed. It makes you wonder if you are capable of writing something in that genre. The reason being because you loved the book so much!

I love great plots, believable characters and beautiful writing. I like a story that moves, that shows us what is going on more than tells us.Anyway, I think as a writer we have to explore and challenge ourselves, and that is a goal of mine for 2016. To write in a way that scares me, to keep stretching myself with the aim of getting better.

I have to share this piece of news my debut adult paranormal romance Capturing the Last Welsh Witch was released at the end of
2015, and I’m delighted with the sales to date. I’m also ecstatic about my review from the Paranormal Romance Guild who provided an honest and unbiased review.



                                                Novel: Capturing the Last Welsh Witch

                                                                  Author: J.M. Davies

                                                     Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

                                                                         Rating: Adult

Ella Masters is a 500 year old soul-shifter. She is from the clan of Ariana, Moon Goddess and this is her fifth life. If Ella doesn't find her soul mate this death will be permanent. For 500 years she has not found him, all she ever found was men that in one way or another led to her early death. Trusting men is something she has difficulty with.

Her newest pretend boyfriend is Professor Aiden O'Connor. Their relationship is anything but sexual and one night at dinner their relationship takes a horrible turn. Ella wakes up beaten and bleeding in the woods trying to remember what happened. The last thing she remembers is her and Aiden arguing. She has no idea that Aiden is dead and she is wanted by the FBI. The agent sent to bring her in is Marcus Drayton. Bringing in Ella would result in the promotion to New York he so desperately wants. Once a Navy SEAL Marcus will stop at nothing to get Ella. He has been undercover working at a coffee shop surveying her and figuring out the best time to make his move. In addition to the FBI the Elusti is also looking for her. The Elusti is an old religous sect who have hunted her kind to extinction. Is she really the only one left?

When Marcus finally gets his woman, so to speak, he finds himself drawn to her. He is convinced that she is innocent. Marcus grew up with a mother who always said she could see things and wound up in a psychiatric center for years leaving Marcus to go from foster home to foster home. He grew to hate his mother and refuses to accept anything she said and now refuses to believe what Ella is tryng to tell him about being a soul-shifter. Marcus' beliefs will shortly be tested and he will find out things about himself and his mother he never saw coming.

Marcus is going against the FBI and his superior who he has begun to distrust. Why would Ella be one of the FBI's ten most wanted? She is tiny and there was no way she could have overcome and beaten Aiden to death. When the name Elusti comes up Marcus realizes he is fighting a very dangerous enemy and he is determined to destroy them. The attraction between Ella and Marcus is getting hotter by the minute, but can she trust him or will he be another man in her life to cause her death and can he believe what she says? The two of them have a lot to learn and everything will be revealed by the end of the book.

I am not going to say any more because I do not want to slip and give anything away. There is betrayal, kidnapping, secrets, surprises and sex. My only problem with reading the book was "my husband" who seemed to think he would starve to death if I didn't stop reading and feed him, well I accomplished both. There is no cliffhanger but for some reason I had the feeling there might be more coming and I hope so.

                                                            Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

                                     Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team



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