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Way, back in 2011, I made the decision to enter the Mills and Boon New Voices competition. I had never entered a writing contest before and had no real clue what was required, but I took a risk. I knew the story I wanted to write it was one of those plots that circulate every now and again inside my brain more than on paper. Anyway, I wrote my four thousand words and sent it off. I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s entries and felt overwhelming how under-prepared I was for the talent of everyone else. It was wonderful to feel part of something that everyone was excited and passionate about and connecting with other authors sharing our stories was brilliant.

My story didn’t get picked, but that was alright. I knew one day I would re-write it and finish the story that I envisioned for Vivian King and Michael Allegretti.

On Friday, April 22nd, 2016 The Vineyards of Allegretti the full story was born! This is my fifth book and my second adult romance. I always find when starting a new project that the demons of self-doubt perch themselves on my shoulders, and I felt them linger for so long making me question if I could pull this story together and then head bent and tapping away the story flowed for me.




Photos of an intoxicated and out-of-control Vivian King, taken after a night in Paris, are splashed across the tabloids. Her memories of the night are vague. Suspended from college, her only choice is to return home to Michael Allegretti, the man who broke her heart four years ago. He holds the key to her frozen heart and her financial independence. This time, Vivian isn’t leaving until she’s claimed them both and given Michael a taste of his own medicine.

However, Michael Allegretti has plans of his own and will not allow the family's vineyards to be divided. When a disastrous business venture risks the vineyards falling into the wrong hands, he decides to use every trick in the book to keep what he has worked so tirelessly for, even if it means settling for a marriage of convenience.

With the mafia involved, plus a psychotic ex-lover, Vivian risks not only losing her heart but her life as well.


“No one touches what is mine.”

He hissed the words out as she stared up at his obsidian eyes, the whites so bright and the iris intense and captivating. Vivian noticed small lines next to them and his brows dipped, making him look tormented. She arched her body against his chest and inhaled the exotic citrus scent that was Michael. His hand wrapped round her waist as he pressed against her. He was breathing heavily; so was she. She smoothed her finger across the seam of his lips, and he closed his eyes. Stepping up, she kissed him gently and in a second, the flame that had been stoked burst into a roaring fire, devouring her. His hands held her face as he gave her a hard, punishing kiss back and when that wasn’t enough, he pushed his tongue inside, tasting every corner of her mouth.
Michael released his hold on her face as the kiss deepened, moving his hands to the top of her jeans to stroke the soft skin under her camisole with his thumb. Without resistance to his caress, his hand climbed higher and skimmed over her flat belly to reach for her breast. Shivers rippled through her body. When his fingers bordered the lacy bra, she broke the breathtaking kiss, gasping for oxygen. Still his hand explored and brushed over the tip of her sensitive nipple, causing her pulse to soar.


“Michael, you must stop. We’re in broad daylight—please, someone will see.”
He lowered his head and nipped her lower lip with his teeth. Ignoring her, he continued kissing and licking her neck down to her collarbone, and she clutched his shoulders as delightful sensations burst in her stomach. As the passionate onslaught continued, she was beginning not to care, but knew his reason for this display was because he was angry, nothing more. That cold awareness made her push him away.
Michael let her go, and he adjusted his shirt but his eyes devoured hers.

“You belong to me Vivian, don’t forget it. If you want your money, play by the rules or be prepared for the rules to change. You won’t be working in the field tomorrow and it has nothing to do with what happened today.  I didn’t want you to be exhausted and arranged for my friend Carla who is a dress designer to show you some outfits. I have picked out a suitable outfit for the engagement party, but you need to try it on and she will discuss your wedding dress. From next week on, you will work in the winery in the greeting center, helping with the tours and from there, we’ll see. I can be nice Vivian but don’t make me the enemy! ” And just like that, he walked away, leaving her shaken to the core.

I'm always looking for feedback and love to hear from readers. Let me know if you buy a copy what you think  of the story and the characters.




The Vineyards of Allegretti book trailer!



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