Monday, September 20, 2010


I decided to write this blog to record my trials and tribulations of attempting to complete my first fictional book ,which I had started to write last November. Since , April of this year I have been at at stand still ,with the summer, and family visiting ,well  I have not put pen to  paper .Therefore , I thought it would be interesting to give myself this challenge of working to a deadline , giving me incentive to be organised and to ensure that I would finish what I had started .

With the kids all in school or away, the perfect opportunity seems to have created itself , and after spending a lot of time worrying ,and debating about what to do next , I decided to take the risk, and follow the dream .My dream is to be able to write a book that I am happy with ,one that I can get published ,and hopefully enable myself to create a new career , and a new me .Hopefully the new me  can bring something to the household table other than dinner .

Anyway, today I felt great. I was up, and feeling wide awake having had a good sleep, the kids were all in school by 8am .At 8.20 I was in the gym for my first session of the week ,and listening to Madonna's "Confessions on the dance floor " which is brilliant for taking your mind off the fact you are doing a workout .So time passes quickly ,and before you know it , I have been there an hour , legs aching but I can walk .I feel amazing either the endorphins are kicking in or it is the fact that some men at the gym look like the men off  the "Coke Break" advert , it is okay to look, right !! !! .Needless to say I leave the gym with a large grin on my face .

I feel really excited today I have my plan ,hours of free time before me ,I have rearranged to write my blog in the evening so now after my shower ,and tidying up I can get to it, my writing  .Well ,I get home have a cup of tea ,realise I haven't eaten breakfast so I am starving ,I quickly make some special K cereal ,and feel better ,shower ,wash my hair, and get ready to sit to write .When writing I find you can sit for quite a while before you can think what to say , and then you need to read ,and re-read to see where you are ,and where you are headed .

My story is a romance ,and I love trying to develop my characters and to see how I can make the people  seem real .Once ,I get started I feel I don't want to stop it takes a while to get to that place and it's frustrating when you have to stop.However, it is physically hard to sit for too long, your bottom gets quite sore ,and your back aches so I find I take Lot's of short breaks where I get up ,and walk around thinking my story through .I wonder how on earth Stephanie Meyer could manage to create such a wonderful story ,and complete her trilogy of books namely  the "Twilight Saga" with 3 young kids under her belt . I certainly do not have her academic background of a degree in English Literature but I loved her books ,and she is an inspiration to me ,and partly the reason I decided I should have a go at trying to create a wonderful story one that comes to you in your dreams .

I love the sun I smile so much more when it is out don't you ,and today has been full of glorious sunshine it makes you feel all is good in the world .I have worked hard today ,and I feel as though I am getting back in touch with my story , but the day of my writing is short as the kids come trundling in through the hallway ,and I know my quiet time is done for now .I wish I could write when the kids are in bed but I am too tired by then so until tomorrow .

I will leave you with this  :
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched .They must be felt with the heart ."
Helen Keller
We could all do with a bit more love in the world .

Cheers .

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