Monday, September 27, 2010


" Life is a roller coaster ride " by Ronan Keating , this is how I am feeling  most of the time at the moment .Each day is challenging ,and I am trying to write something every day to give me a routine . Some days are more productive than others .Last Wednesday I felt charged ,and so excited  I made huge progress  I could have gone on writing all day apart from the obvious restraints that is the life of a housewife .

Then the next day, it felt as if I was pulling teeth just trying to get started . I laughed as I realised how our children are so like ourselves.When faced with a difficult piece of homework they  will find a million other tasks to complete before the one in hand .There fore I gave into this distraction realising  that perhaps I needed the mental break so as to recharge . Music, really gives me a huge boost ,and I find I day dream more easily, then the creative side pours out .My frustration at the moment is trying to stay focused ,and not feeling in a rush to get the writing done. I would rather write one  amazing chapter than several mediocre one's  .Also I find I have to write things down as I am scared I am going to forget brilliant songs ,quotes I have read or thoughts that just creep into my head .So I am taking pen and paper with me where ever I go .

Exercising is becoming a joy to me I look forward to going to the gym ,and when I am there I am in my own world listening to the music on my Ipod , smiling to myself .God help the person next to me as I have been known on occasion to start humming my particular favourites . I find it so therapeutic I feel so good afterwards, and I am sure it is contributing to keeping me so excited about my writing .I feel so more alive .

I do love this life ,and even though I hate roller coasters they make me feel sick ,light headed , and dizzy . I am used to stress , and it's challenges so I take the ride on ,enjoying the butterflies ,and feelings of euphoria well aware of the lows lurking not too far away .This is when I will call on you all to help keep me going , share a glass of wine with my hubbie or indulge in some lovely  chocolate . My one weakness !!! No matter what ,  I will finish what I have started .

Finally to end  this weeks instalment , I would like to say a big thank you for the lovely  words of encouragement from my friends , and family . I love that ,and need that to keep me going. Please keep them coming . Any  thoughts / ideas for music would be such a help as would any constructive criticism I can take it I promise .Thanks for looking, enjoy your life ,and make the most of it each day ,

"If music be the food of love , play on ." Shakespeare Twelfth Night
I cannot be in a world without music ,it is truly inspirational xxxxx

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