Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Live the dream

I have discovered on my venture of becoming a writer, that most must live very reclusive lives. Maybe not  always but  certainly whilst in the throws of  writing their best selling books .You find yourself saying," No" to so many social events ,coffee mornings, lunches ,school volunteering .It is even difficult to manage the desire to go food shopping apart from the fact there  is no food in the house and the kids are starving .Ironing is out the window, my house is still a mess even though  I am home all day .God forbid the kids should be ill !!!!  I have not even gone shopping for anything ,clothes ,Halloween decorations ,birthday presents, and I need to go !!!My husband is very pleased with this though,  I wonder why .

However , I find I need to stay ,and get on with the writing whilst my story is going along so well .
Therefore I am so curious as to how other writers manage with anything outside of their writing, do they stop to eat ,what about the kids , homework ,school activities ,any kind of social life etc .Or does all of that just freeze for the time it takes to write a book .You see I am trying to dictate, that I write whilst the children are in school but it is difficult as sometimes you don't want to stop but have to .I know for example, Stephanie Meyer did not cook ,they ate out a lot .I wonder how Jodi Picoult manages ? I love them , and admire them ,how do they manage, they are mothers too . So I wonder if they all have it set up so that every day activities ,the normal run of the mill things would be done by someone else , so they are free to research and write but is this every day, and for how long ??

This might make my husband flip his lid ,"Honey I am at home all day but I think we need someone to do the laundry, ironing,cooking and a child minder for the kids. " Also , when the kids have been gone all day they want, crave your attention how can you ignore that ,well  I cannot  so I have to work within those hours of school or at night which is tricky in the week as by 9.30  I am ready for bed . Sad I know. 

Writing consumes you . When it starts to flow you have to keep going whether it is going to end up a train wreck or not I am not quite sure yet .I read one chapter to my ever patient husband ,and he seemed fairly intrigued , he stated that it sounded really good ?? I remembered very quickly though that I am the one who checks his work emails , as his grammar is worse than mine ! It makes me question therefore , who would be a good judge of the standard , and quality of what I have written so far At one point I thought maybe to include part of my book in the blog ,and see what feed back I received .However, being such a novice in this area I am also very protective of my work ,and I am not sure I could take too much criticism when the work is still very rough .Maybe later when I have refined it to such an extent I deem it worthy of such an audience we will see , what do you think ???

Therefore , I am tempted to try my sister as she will be honest ,and I can take it from her better than my hubbie .  I have 14 really rough chapters so far ,I am probably on my way to being about half way through the story .This is where is gets tough, the chapters I have had been working on I had previously  written  last year ,and it had taken me 4 months then .Now I am starting new chapters .I find when you write initially it is very scanty so it is only with rereading ,and rewriting that the real words take shape , this can be laborious .I don't know how a book can be written in 3 months but that is how long ,"Twilight "  apparently took , believe you me I am going to need my entire year to finish my book .Selling it will be another story let's finish this one first .  

Alice Laughed ."There's no use trying ", she said ."One can't believe impossible things".
"I daresay you haven't had much practice,"said the Queen."When I was your age ,I always did it for half an hour a day .Why , sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast ".

Lewis Carroll ."Through the looking glass"

Keep living the dream ,and make it reality .

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