Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hard work

"The power of change is always in your hands"   Barbara J.Hall

Life is funny sometimes just as you settle get into a routine and feel confident that you have chosen wisely what it is you want to do .Life throws you a curve ball .This week I had a phone call from a school principal offering me a job .At the beginning of the summer I had applied on line for a noon time attendant position within the elementary schools in my town.I love being around children and I was hoping to get a job at my youngest school so I could be involved and see what went on .Perfect start back into the work force school hours local holidays perfect .However there were no vacancies .Now middle of October there is a full time position .I really had to think of how to decline the offer so committed now to my writing that I cannot consider such a break in the routine knowing I would never finish the book .So as I returned the call to the Principal I spoke very carefully,hesitantly  thinking maybe next year I will be regretting this ...... I hope not.Needless to say my husband reaction was "He offered you the job and you turned him down" he was gutted! .

Anyway another point I wanted to share this week is my complete ignorance of technology.Since the beginning of writing this story "The Promise" I have written every word, thought by hand .Going through reams and reams of paper I have it in my office, on my shelf, in my drawers,and on my bed side table .My ever supportive partner,husband has been telling me to put it all on the computer it is so much easier blah blah blah.I resisted not just because he mentioned it but because I was worried I would somehow lose everything .However one day last week I started typing it in and OH MY GOD I have been there ever since .Of course all I get from my wonderful husband is I told you so but it really is making life so much easier although whereas I was getting to start on Chapter 20 .I am now going through and typing out Chapter 8 and as I do this I am making amendments ,changes so  I reckon it will take me about 2 weeks to get up the point where I can work on the latest chapter again.

I have however sent out my prologue and Chapter one for my sister and my oldest son to have a peek at hoping for some much needed feedback.Really wanting an opinion as to whether I should just chuck it all in now or do I have a chance at creating something other people will be interested in ? I am going to ask for my oldest son to become an advisor as well as my brother in law to help with the music/band side of the book offering to name them in the credits as I will for all who help me in my research.
There are still so many gaps I need to fill and I have a plan to find the information I need.

The more serious  I have become  the better I feel about actually visualising the end of the book .Each day my kids come home and enquire how many pages today mum ? Oh also I asked my middle child would you read my book his reply was "A.depends how many pages it had B .If everyone read it then so would I" . I guess he doesn't quite understand the unconditional love part or does that only apply to us as mothers and not when it comes to how our kids feel about us !He made me laugh and the fact they are curious about what I am doing gives me some hope they may read it sometime.

Everyday day I am still eager, and excited to get to the writing and not to miss any time I could use to develop the story.Some days I have brilliant inspiring music other days I just prefer the absolute silence.

Until next time,

"I am a great believer in luck,and I find the harder I work the more I have of it "
Thomas Jefferson.

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