Friday, September 17, 2010

New Day

I ,started this blog in  an effort to record my experiences and discoveries about myself as I face an empty nest in the day and what implications that has for me .Trying to find what I really want to do for myself now that I have more time .After considering my options of looking for employment anywhere ,or going back to college to re-register as a nurse /midwife I have  chosen to follow a dream .I  believe if I do not give it a go now then I never will and for that I can only blame myself. God bless my husband who is happy that I am happy !!

Having said that, every day is new I find that even my reasons for this increase. As a stay at home mum, I strongly believe that  the day I took off my midwife's uniform , and  I stayed at home to take care of my children full time I changed completely .It's funny when I was first introduced to a man that my husband had been talking at a BBQ , he said to me ," Oh, so you are the Midwife " .

I had not delivered a baby in 9 years ,so it felt  funny that this would be called upon to describe me I am many things why this ? I think people like to put everyone  into tidy little boxes , when at the end of the day , no matter what I do I am always  Jennie with many titles to my name you know them .Mother, wife ,daughter ,sister, nurse,midwife, cook, cleaner ,taxi driver, teacher, counsellor friend ,it goes on .

Anyway, I am not the person I was when I worked on the wards of a busy labour ward ,I had confidence in my skills , I could communicate with a variety of people from Dr's to social workers to Mr&Mrs Jones who had just walked in off the streets ready to deliver. I was used to developing a rapport instantaneously  talking with complete strangers gaining their confidence in me in a very short time. Today, I find communication a lost art for me, especially dealing with people I hardly know .Not only do I find it uneasy talking to people I don't know but what I actually end up saying is questionable .

I am not sure exactly why this is ,I suspect many things spending  the majority of my day with toddlers your conversational skills are on a basic level , you forget long words  .The topics you tend to talk about when socialising with other mums revolve around the children naturally . This is my experience, mum's are busy and are days full ,we are caught up with the daily rituals that are our children, and we share our experiences with each other it is what brings us together and it is what gets us through .Only now as they are getting older I need to rediscover my confidence and my speech ,this blog helps .

Therefore, this year I need to become reacquainted  with the English language ,and the art of conversation ,to improve  my grammar ,increase my vocabulary ,and understand  the skills involved in writing .I understand that communication is a powerful tool and it has many interpretations so to use it wisely . I am hoping this blog ,your feedback ,and comments will help me in my journey .Today was a long day but a good one .

"Courage is daring to take that first step .Courage is refusing to quit even when you're intimidated by impossibility .Courage is thinking big ,aiming high,and shooting far ,and stopping at nothing to make it a reality."

Thanks for listening
That's all for now
Cheers Jennie

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