Thursday, November 11, 2010

Only Human

Time is going ferociously fast at the moment with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the pressure is on for me to make progress whilst I can. This week has been really great I have to admit that for the last couple of weeks my feelings have been on the downward slope doubting my abilities to create something worthwhile.  Breaking away from the story and having the occasional coffee morning with a friend or two really helps. However, when I feel like this, I feel the need to write even more and have continued,carrying on immersing myself in this work, pushing all my fears to the back. I am so loving the story, I feel so eager to get it all down that it is still my greatest frustration. Whilst I am being somewhat productive I am happy I am on the right course for me, the quality of my laborious efforts are not the best at first, but when I go back, rearrange the words I feel it is getting stronger and closer to the way I want it to sound. The essence of the story I find captivating I hope eventually others will to. I am only human and this is my first attempt at writing a book, hopefully it will not be my last.

My husband, is eager for me to be successful, already making his wish list as to what he plans to buy, and to be able to name the day he can retire, and live off me. Yes, he makes me smile, and laugh, one can dream !!!! Anyway as he jokes I carry on. I find I am mainly pleased with My main female lead Mia I am happy with who she is and what she stands for, however my male lead Declan a name I recall from when I was nursing, he was  a doctor I once worked with,he was Irish and lovely. But I am less convinced at this point, whether indeed I even like the name. A name means so much, do you remember how hard it was when it came to choosing a name for your child. Well this is even harder ! I can make a mental picture of how he is meant to look, and how I want him to be, just need to feel happy with this name ? What do you think ? Even though my book is a fictional one there are moments in it  where real events are mentioned,  there are also elements of science fiction mixed into the mix of this story. Having plotted out my story board and having reached approximately half way, I believe I have the potential for at least a second book within this format, which I have very, very loosely started to write down, bits of scribble!!

Talking abouts names I have used some of my families names in the story line, they are just so familiar to me,  easy to add, and picture certain qualities I like.Other names I have used, as there are so many that you can find, when you are searching, one site was baby names, there are so many, but I have used names that are in my circle of friends or acquaintances. Whilst writing my book I am also trying to continue to read as many books as possible to observe as many styles of writing and improve and broaden my range of vocabulary it is so important, anything that adds to developing my creativity  is essential. I would love to have opinions  from other writers as to how they began,their  triumphs, and failures, difficulties, after all we are only human!!! We make mistakes,we just have to learn from them, and improve. I am writing a book because I have a story I want to share with everyone,it comes from within  and a desire to get the story written and published, this is my journey and I am totally committed, no matter what anyone thinks, this is my dream, my quest. At the end I will have created something I can keep,this is my record of that journey. 

"Don't aim for success if you want it,just do what you love and believe in and it will come naturally"  David Frost.

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