Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Women are amazing

I love being a woman I am so biased because to be one is all I know, but I think that women are so strong, courageous, talented, and capable of anything that they so desire. We are fascinating as a species ever evolving, when you think of men from the beginning of time they were the provider, the cave man I really don't see an awful lot of change, whereas for women we are now capable of being anything and everything the mother ever nurturing, and providing for the family.We do not have to compromise our sexuality for the role of the modern day women I just admire and greatly appreciate being a woman.

This week as my exploits as a novice writer continues I find I am at the hardest point yet in writing my story I have reached a climax only to find I am not sure of how to continue. I find I am dodging writing the next chapter as to put pen or finger to the keyboard is difficult. My mind throbs after a days writing but it also pains me to know I have reached a stumbling block, and I not sure of how to proceed. I have  changed the name of my main male lead and I feel slightly better about the choice. However I really feel I need a proof reader someone who can read my work and see if it makes sense to the average American. My husband as ever my greatest support told me after I described my book so far, "Bloody hell I am never ever going to be able to give up work , do you really believe that @@%&@.".So I am on my own as far as belief in my abilities to produce a book at the end of this quest.

I know I could do more to improve my skills as a writer, go on courses to learn to write, enter short story writing competitions. But to choose to do this deviates from the sole task which is to complete a fictional book. A quest that I am convinced many think is impossible for me to achieve. Anybody that  know's me well, will know I never give up and  I always rise to the challenge. To give up is failure and I dont believe in that. My dad was a true inspiration he was a small man in stature but a man with a big heart, although like many men he did not know how to show it, he never gave up trying !

As much as I like to think I need no help this week I encountered the Computer jungle. I am so lost when it comes to technology if I press the wrong button I freeze afraid I am going to erase all my work or send it somewhere I can never retrieve it from ever again. I hate this age of technology it makes us so dependant on these electronic devices that do not always work as they should.The other day I worked on the computer for 45 mins trying to change the setting fearing that I had lost 2 days worth of work even though I had pressed the damn saved button countless times. My pages were enlarged and spread all over the place what was 162 pages of work showed as 50 pages I was dying ... no really dying that was the point when I wanted to chuck the god damn computer out the window until  my ever so wonderful husband walked in and within I would like to say hours, mins, but it was seconds fixed the problem.

Which brings me full circle as much as women have progressed , we still need men every now and then.
I am ever learning, ever grateful , onwards and upwards.

cheers Jen xx  

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