Thursday, September 19, 2013

Writing, re-writing and dreams of the future.

 Picture is of Katia Winter, an actress currently starring in Sleepy hollow, and my muse for Ella.

Ella Masters a five hundred-year-old soul-shifter, is wanted by the FBI for murder, and hunted by the sadistic group called, The Order. Terrified, and running for her life, the last thing she needs is to get involved with another man, as most end up betraying her, but her body is craving for her soul-mate, if she doesn't find him, and soon, this time she will die for real!

Sneek peek from the first chapter of Capturing the Last Welsh Witch. An adult paranormal romance.

Ella blinked awake, and shivered as a blast of frigid air hit her, in the distance, was the sound of trickling water. Neither sensation was expected, nor normal, that much she knew. Icy-fear snaked its way into her mind as she jerked her chin off the mushy grass and peered at the world from the ground. She was lying semi-prone on the cold, damp earth with grass stuck to her lips. The day usually began in a warm bed, and Aidan was there. Instead frosty kisses from the early-morning breeze touched her, mostly naked body, and she shivered. She lifted a shaky hand to her head, and groaned as an image of a hysterical and angry Aidan, flashed through her head.
   “What the hell happened?”  She whispered to the wind as if it may answer.

Those are around the first 100 words-do they intrigue you ?

Crazy week, my beautiful cat was involved in a ferocious battle with a coyote or fisher cat and survived-just. My world came to a standstill, and nothing else mattered except making sure he was going to be alright. Kit-Kat is so affectionate, and I love him. He's recovering from a bowel resection, and I hope to have him home today, where he will be pampered. Kit-kat is the one on the right, and the other one is called Skittles. Yeah, I have a sweet tooth.

Anyway, when things go bad on a personal level, I have to do things!!! I'm not one to sit and dwell. Sure I cry, but then I get busy. This week, I have submitted to a few more agents, and I'm still researching others. I keep reading through my manuscript for Children of Annwn to check for any mistakes, and I'm back writing the adult paranormal. So I'm busy and feeling positive...

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