Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing that damn query letter!

Oh, my god, this last week and a half, has almost killed me off. After, submitting a query to a couple of publishers, I haven't been sat idle. Oh,no, I've been reviewing the MS, writing my synopsis, and perfecting my query letter.

I know what you're thinking, didn't you perfect your query letter before you submitted!!!!! Well, I was happy with what I had, until I started to reflect and seek other opinions and in a market where this is your shot at gaining the agent or publishers interest you have to offer and tantalize them with something different. To be honest the more opinions that I have asked for the more confusing it has become, but it made me totally re-examine what the story is about! Below is my latest query.
Visions of disaster by day, and flirtatious dreams by night, of Ryder, an amusing magical boy, has seventeen-year-old Mia Childs clinging to her sanity by her finger nails. 

But when a cute new student arrives at school who looks exactly like her dream boy, Mia’s fantasy world explodes. The trouble is, he’s obnoxious. And to make matters worse, news reports are beginning to mirror her prophecies about the extinction of the human race. 

That’s when everything goes to hell, and Mia discovers she isn’t even human.

Let me know what you think !!!


  1. What do they say too many cooks spoil the stew? Too many opinions cause confusion also.

  2. Thanks Kathryn, the problem is, I'm a glutton for punishment. I want someone to say, I love it, then maybe I'll be happy and stop seeking further opinions. :)