Thursday, October 10, 2013

A New Day Begins.

This is a beautiful photograph that  I borrowed from a friends FB page, and it really inspired me today. The reason is that for most of this week I have been writing and researching for a project that I may or may not be venturing into.

I cannot give any further details, other than to say that whilst it's exciting, interesting and all a bit mind-boggling, it's not creative writing, and I was getting a tad frustrated, as I do.

Enough said

Anyway, today I decided with a couple of hours spare before I volunteer in the FUN RUN at my youngest school, I would try some world building.

One point that was made by the publisher that I submitted to was to enlarge the world of Annwn. To answer all the questions that one may ask about this magical realm. Bearing that in mind I am going back to my notes and piecing this jigsaw of Annwn together.

Annwn is a magical realm and it is thought to have existed on earth since the planet was created. It was by accident that Annwn became aware of the humans and their world, after a powerful Guardian Locksonor created a portal allowing him entry. The world of Annwn is shrouded by magic, unseen by human eyes. It's exact location a mystery. 
Ever since the portals were created, the Guardians and the Watchers have visited the human world regularly out of curiosity, and the desire to help those in need. However, no realm, not even a magical one is without evil, and as the portal opened, a darkness began to creep inside Annwn. That Darkness also began to seep into the human world in many forms seeking power, riches and destruction. Every encounter between the two worlds since has been with fatal consequences. 

Mist was rolling off the grassy slopes on the hillside, and the purple and pink slashes in the sky stained the sandstone on the castle that abutted the cliff, a beautiful rose color. Mia stared at the majestic fortress as it stood guard over the sea, a foreboding site should anyone dare to enter Annwn from the water, and she shivered. The milky white sun peeped from behind the curtains of clouds that rolled passed, and she turned towards the sea. The sky was reflected like a mirror on the still water. Her heart beat slowly, and Mia took a deep breath in, capturing all that lay before her, soaking in the very essence and smells of her home Annwn, should it all be forgotten. It was dawn and the start of a new day.
    A new beginning.
    Annwn was a realm on earth, hidden from human eyes by magic. Its exact location was a highly guarded secret, but legend suggests that it lies by the coast in Wales; a land that was steeped in mysteries and folklore. Mia smiled recalling the tales of Arthur, and then sighed as she remembered the effect upon the lives of her people. She stared out across the endless glossy water, and her hair danced wildly as the wind picked up speed.
   “Are you ready?” Mia turned at the sound of his voice and gazed at Ryder. She accepted his outstretched hand and smiled. He was her heart, and the reason they both stood on the shores of their home ready to cast everything they had known aside. Her toes curled into the silky grains of white sand like an anchor, but she knew she had to let go and set sail.

   “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Ryder’s rough, calloused hand smoothed across her cheek and Mia closed her eyes. To test the power of their love as was the custom in Annwn, they had agreed with the Wise elders to enter the human world where promises were broken every day and live a mortal life with no knowledge of their magic or their past. Coldness rose inside Mia and locked inside her throat rendering her speechless. Her visions predicting the end of mankind further underlined the reason for them to venture into the unknown because the two realms were linked by a history, by blood, and what was happening to the humans may easily come to pass in Annwn. The roar of the ocean blasted in her ears, the fierce wind whipped around them and Emrys appeared his face sober. The waves parted, and Mia stared into the distance. A land heralded and a million golden lights twinkled.

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