Monday, October 21, 2013

Embracing opportunities.

I love this picture. The photograph makes the moon look gigantic, and had me once more thinking of the world of Annwn.

In truth, I haven't been writing of late which is sad, but I'm embracing an opportunity that has come my way and requires some reading and research. It may not be what I was wishing for, but it is inspiring me, simply in another direction. And I'm learning about things which I was completely in the dark about which is good because a writer needs to have knowledge of many subjects.

The reality is after four years I need to make a living and sadly, I'm not as a writer. Not yet anyway. I've been told that my YA story is intriguing and the characters likable, but the world of Annwn needs to be developed. I'm itching to do this, but I'm so torn because of my new commitment. My time to write is less, and therefore I need to manage my day more efficiently to fit everything in.

I'm going to try to spend 2 hours a day writing creatively for myself, and see how that goes.

How long do you spend writing every day? Indeed, do you write every day?

In the end, I owe it to Ryder and Mia to get their story out there whether it's with a publisher or I self-publish, I just want to spend some more time pulling those loose ends together...

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