Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Author Chat!

Hi everyone, well we're almost into November, which really takes my breath away because that means it's not long to Thanksgiving, my son's tenth birthday and then CHRISTMAS!!

And just in case you don't know already, I love Christmas! This year it will be extra special because Children of Annwn will be released in paperback, and boy that will be the best present ever!

As the day light hours shrink and the temperatures nose dive, I am busy writing the second installment in the Children of Annwn series. I am toying with Broken Promise as the title to keep it simple.

In this book, Mia Leronde's dark side is explored. She goes through hell and claws her way back fighting the demons who are inside her and without the help of those closest to her. Her greatest challenge is accepting all that makes her unique, the good and the bad. Ryder, her betrothed has his own battles to face as a beautiful and seductive siren under Greyson's control puts his promise to the ultimate test. Tristan and Brianna fight to control their feelings for each other whilst trying to save Mia and Ryder, but the loss of a close friend unites them. 

The Children of Annwn break all the rules by contacting the "Alltud" a secret group of humans who were from Annwn originally, but were banished after failing The Promise, for their help. War is on the doorstep in the human realm, and Annwn is in chaos. Greyson has been plotting his own defense by the creation of an army of gene-manipulated monsters. Rhiannon, is planning to take over the world and slaughter anyone who stands in her way by gaining all Mia’s power and darkness. However, as the lines between both dimension's blur and cross, battle lines are drawn, and lives will be lost, but it's a race to keep the power of magic and love alive. Mia needs to control her power, which is most powerful when she is confident in her abilities and in the love she has for Ryder to bring an end to Rhiannon and bring peace even if that means letting go of the love of her life.

Lots to do...




One last thing to mention from tomorrow onward I will be posting a showcase of fellow authors and their latest releases on a weekly basis. Hope you enjoy these great writers and their books!

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