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Exciting news !!!

Next week Wednesday 8th August the very lovely and talented author  Carmen Falcone will guest post, writing about her latest book and her journey in writing. So excited!!! You can check out her latest book ," A Vengeful Affair."  Barnes and Noble have given it a 5 star rating.

There will be a giveaway too!!!!!

This is an excerpt from my first ever short story and then refreshed New Voices entry. I'm still playing with it and want to complete it someday. Any feedback, would be great... 

                                            Returning to the Vineyards of Allegretti

            There was a quiet whistle through the trees from the wind. He pulled her into his arms holding her still. His face hovered searching the depths of her eyes. Leaning forward he kissed her. The kiss that came was urgent, insistent. Blood pumped through her veins as her heart galloped, the sound echoing in her ears. His soft lips pushed firmly against hers, his tongue teased her as it licked the length of her lips, demanding a response. Eagerly her lips parted, and she yielded, kissing him back. Automatically, she raised her hands around his neck, and pulled him close.
 A rush of heady sensations burst throughout her whole body. Shocking tingles lit a trail along her skin, and a sweet taste flowed inside her mouth as his tongue explored. Wanting more, and more whilst struggling to breathe she moved closer. Micheal was kissing her, wanting her. Her knees buckled and his arms quickly gripped her tightly around the waist. This was it, she was ready to give herself to him, completely. Somehow, she found the courage and control to reach for his shirt. His body was chiseled and finely sculpted, she could feel all the tightly coiled muscles along his chest.  
Her fingers found there way to unbuttoning his shirt, and the warmth of his skin scorched her finger tips. Any minute now she thought she would burst into flames as her trembling hands roamed freely across his bare skin. Unsure of what to do, she lifted her eyes to stare into his, seeking his approval. Instantly she saw the barely controlled muscles in his mouth quiver. His dark eyes pinned her to the spot. The world became silent as her breathing paused. For a millisecond, she thought she saw desire, but couldn’t be sure. Then  everything changed in an instant. His hands suddenly lay on top of hers, freezing her. Without saying a word he brought them down to rest at her sides.
As if the sun had just set, Vivienne shivered. His face beautifully masked any emotions, he remained silent. Her heart that had been soaring into space was now crashing and burning, already her chest ached and she had to force a lump that threatened to bring on tears away. Shaking her head, she knew, had always known that the love she felt for him, wasn't returned. Her cheeks burned. She didn't know where to look or what to do but felt the almost painful grip from his fingers still holding her wrists. They weren't held in a loving clasp, more a shackle to distance them from him. As her eyes looked at her hands, he released them and walked away.
“Michael, I love you,” she said. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Vivienne...what do you know of are so young.” He voice sounded so far away.

“I know how I feel. I have always loved you. From the very first moment I set eyes on you I… ” Her voice began to quiver, realizing she was making a complete fool of herself. She stopped and sucked on her lower lip unable to speak and desperately holding back more tears.She hadn’t planned any of this. This was all his fault. And now, she'd opened her heart and offered it to him as if it was nothing. Gut wrenching embarrassment made her turn away, she wanted to flee but knew her legs wouldn't move. Why had he changed his mind. Why?
“You're too young Mia Cara for someone like me." Finally, he turned around, his shirt buttons all neatly arranged, his face like stone even with his sun tan.  

"You're not old, you're only a little older than me." She wanted to take his hand grab his arm and make him listen, but his dark eyes wouldn't look at her.

"I don't mean the age,  I mean I'm not the falling in love type. I would be wrong for you Vivienne. My view of the world is jaded and yours is idealistic. You look at everyone with a rosy glow.You have much to learn about life, the world. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start this was a mistake. Come we should get back.”

She stared up at him wanting to say something, to scream at him, but knew it was no use. His mind was made up. After everything that had happened, she thought she knew him, could trust him. That finally ,that hole in her heart would be filled. How wrong she'd been. She wished her mother was still alive and hugged herself. Once again she was on her own. She blinked and the past disappeared.

“Vivienne did you hear me?” He shouted. She spun around, determined to stand tall and face him, she threw her shoulders back and tilted her chin upwards.
“Michael, why am I here, you could have said what you wanted to say over the phone?”

“You know why. We've discussed this.” His words were spoken more quietly now and his eyes wandered across her face and slowly over the rest of her.

“Oh, for goodness sake, I was having fun. What’s the big deal? ” She scowled, and looked away feeling uncomfortable from his angry glare. She knew there was no point in trying to explain,it was obvious from the way he'd spoken on the phone with his clipped and high pitched voice that had rambled on in fast and furious Italian that she had no chance of understanding. He'd already made up his mind. And found her guilty. In truth Vivienne had been drunk and maybe not for the first time, but in this particular incident it was not by her own volition.

“You were drunk; it was all over the papers. There were pictures of you in your underwear!! You've been skipping classes and you're about to fail. The academy is not cheap Vivienne, and quite frankly the trip to Paris was a fiasco. They won’t tolerate your behavior any longer and neither will I. We are not going to argue any more, no matter how much you seem to want to provoke me. We are not going to discuss this here, do you understand..."
Barely pausing to take breath, but he paused and his face softened slightly," Maria's at home, she's staying for a couple of days and she cannot wait to see you. Claudia, has prepared your room, so you have no choice, you have to come.”

He knew exactly how to reach her. Knowing that Maria would be there with her son was enough to take away any further needling and she gave in. Maria was two years older than her. She had become the instant sister she had never had, but sorely needed. Now, she was married with a family of her own. How different their lives had turned out.  

 “It was a party and I….. Anyway it doesn’t matter now. How long are you expecting me to stay?” She said subdued. Part of her wanted to explain everything to Michael but she didn’t want to get close to him and risk getting hurt again.

“Vivienne have you really changed so much, I know you love it here. Yet you are already looking to leave?”

“I have a life, and... “

“You have someone?” he said studying her face with curiosity.

“What if I do?”

“I would be happy for you, as long as it’s not that idiot,” he shrugged.

The idiot was Julian Winters and he was no idiot, he was worse. He was the son of millionaire financier Robert Winters and he was arrogant and used to getting everything he wanted and he had set his sights on Vivienne.

“He’s not an idiot and even if he was, it wouldn't matter. It's not as if I'm going to marry him,  it’s only sex and he's rich. I'm just having lots of fun.” Oh geez, if he was mad before, now he was going to throw a fit.Still, she wondered how he would react to her brazen statement. Of course most of it was a lie, but he didn't have to know that, maybe she just wanted to goad him, she wasn't sure.

Vivienne had befriended Julian in London they had become friends although she knew he wanted more, but she'd made it plain from day one,  that would never happen. The rejection only served to fuel his infatuation. He showered her with gifts which she had rejected, but he was unwilling to give up. His latest stunt, to spike her drinks had caused her to think Michael was right, although she refused to let him have the satisfaction of knowing the truth. Let him think what he likes. She tossed her long hair over her shoulder and ran a finger across her lip. His eyes watching her the whole time.
“There's a name for women like that, Puttana,” he said in disgust. He turned and strode away.

       How could she be so stupid to fall for someone as shallow as Julian Winters and sleep with him? Maybe, she had changed. She certainly looked older, more sophisticated, and well groomed.Looking at her designer label clothes he could at least account for some of her extravagances. He shook his head not recognizing this confident woman who could give herself away seemingly on a whim. He swore, her words replayed inside his head, "It's only sex." Sending her away was meant to allow her time to grow up, but this, this was exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. Whatever relationship she had with this boy, it wasn’t a healthy one. She was flunking college and he was sure it had to do with this boy. He'd let her get drunk and made a spectacle of herself, knowing the paparazzi would be there to capture it all. He nodded, it had been the right decision to bring her home, he needed to get to the bottom of the puzzle that was Vivienne.    

                Vivienne wanted to scream; even now he managed to crawl under her skin and burn. Whore, she was no whore. Why did what he think matter so much to her? Damn him, why had she agreed to come? Okay her life was a mess and lately everything seemed to be spiraling out of control, especially after losing Mama Rosa. But how was Michael going to help her when he'd been the cause of it all. Sending her away and rejecting her. Of course she'd no choice, but to come when he phoned. All her college funding was controlled through him?  She walked quickly to catch him up, strolling across the piazza in silence. Turning one corner, then another and there on one of the cobbled side streets was his gleaming black BMW convertible.

           Moments later she was sitting in the soft cream leather seat of his car. Smelling the familiar fragrance she settled and he started the car and pulled away. The wind blew around them, as he skillfully weaved through the narrow and twisted roads. Once in the country side, she was struck by the air’s light perfume of lavender and rosemary. Breathing in the aroma relaxed her so much that she closed her eyes. Just as she was almost drifting off to sleep, she heard the familiar crunching sound on the gravel driveway. Immediately her eyes opened and she could see the cypress trees that lined the entrance. The car slowed to a stop right in the courtyard of, Casa di Vivienne.

“We're home.” 

               The first time she had arrived here, realizing that all the surrounding vineyards and olive groves were part of the Allegretti estate was overwhelming. She thought it was all part of some kind of mesmerizing dream. Climbing out from the car, she gazed upwards at the beautiful 18th century villa that was renamed after her. It was an elegant caramel colored villa, mostly covered in ivy; the front was bordered with rose bushes in shades of peaches and creams. Michael turned towards her.

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