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Interview with author Camen Falcone

Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited today that I cannot keep still. I have great pleasure in introducing and welcoming the  lovely and very busy author Carmen Falcone, whose debut book release," A Vengeful Affair" is #81 on Amazon!!!!

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you very, very, much for agreeing to doing this with your crazy schedule, big hug xxx.

Last year I entered the amazing competition called," New Voices." It was an amazing experience for me as a novice writer. Since ,then I have kept in touch with many of the wonderful writers who entered and this is how I was introduced to Carmen. Harlequin provided a great platform for new and emerging writers, some who since then have had their stories published. Is it catching I wonder, I do hope so.
Anyway, I feel honored to have the opportunity to chat with one such lucky lady today. I  must mention before we begin, that one lucky reader will be able to win a copy of Carmen's book!!! All you have to do is simply post a comment on the blog and next week a winner will be chosen at random.   Hooray!!!

           Good Morning Carmen, my first question has to be, what is your daily routine?

      I’m an English-to-Portuguese translator during the day, and writer by night. I also moonlight as wife, mother of a vivacious three year old and a terrible housekeeper. I try to write whenever I can. It’s hard to resist Facebook and Twitter, though. ;)

Is writing your full time career and when did you start?

       It’s not my full time career. I believe a lot of authors still have other jobs. It’s a tough business, and having your work published doesn’t mean you won’t get rejections ever again. I started writing when I was six or seven, but the content has considerably changed since then *laughs*

Are you an avid reader? If so what sort of books do you read or
have inspired you?

       Yes I am! I love reading contemporary and short romances.

Where do you gain inspiration from for your writing and in
particular for your latest book?

      It all begins with a character. Then I ask myself, what does this person do for a living, what has this person gone through in life, and most importantly – what does he or she want but can’t have?  My debut release A Vengeful Affair is about revenge. I’ve always enjoyed this trope. But I wanted to give it a twist and have the heroine want a revenge, and not the other way around. Vivian Foster is my heroine and she inspired me to tell her story. J

Do you have a pen name?

     Carmen is my real name, but my last name is my mom’s maiden name.

Do you only write genre romance ? If so why this particular area.

     Why? Because I couldn’t do it any other way. I love writing short romances. J

What's your experience of the publishing world, pro's and con's.

 Honestly, I’m lucky Entangled took a chance on me and welcomed into the family. I’m very lucky  :) I don't have any experience with other publishers yet, but I think the

key is research. Your book is your baby. Would you hand your baby to a stranger? No. So you don’t want to sell your rights to any publisher just for the sake of getting published. And when you find a publisher you want, follow their guidelines when you’re submitting. That is the first chance you have to wow them.

What' your advice to anyone starting out?

Write. Don’t just talk about writing, or dream about having time to write. Do the best you can to write as much as you can, and find a good critique group. If it’s your dream, don’t give up. J

Self-publishing versus Traditional what's your slant on it all.

Honestly, I think you have to do what works for you. I know some great self-published authors. In my case, I like to have a respectable publisher behind me. Being a newbie is overwhelming. I have a terrific publicist who schedules my blog tour, and I had an awesome editor who made sure my book was the best it could be. I need the input, because I get too attached and see things differently. On the other hand, I see why people self-publish: it gives them complete control over everything and if they have a fan base, they can make good money.

What's the future for you...

I’m just finishing a book about a feisty heroine who kidnaps the hero to prevent him from expelling a tribe of Brazilian Indians that are illegally occupying his land. Then I’ll get started on a lovely story of a spoiled, broke L.A. socialite and the rough Texan cowboy she gets mixed up with.

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Rich people get away with murder every day, but Vivian Foster intends to make billionaire Javier Rivera pay for what he did to her best friend—and how better to destroy a money-grubbing bastard than to sabotage the merger that means everything to him.

Javier Rivera would never hurt a woman much less kill one. But when he catches a gorgeous corporate spy in his office, he knows he can’t let her go—not when even a hint of scandal could ruin his career. Until the merger is signed, he’ll keep her close, even if he has to shackle her to his wrist. Literally.

But the closer Javier gets to Vivian, the more he wants her, and the more time she spends with him, the less she believes he could ever be a killer. Now Vivian and Javier have to discover the truth…and Vivian has to win the trust of her worst enemy.

Carmen’s bio: Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters and places beat doing Math homework any day. She traveled the world, achieved a B.A. in Tourism in her hometown in Brazil and was soon invited to work in the USA, where she met her Swiss husband. She’d always dreamed of becoming a published writer, and after her daughter was born, she revisited that dream of writing – this time, unwilling to give it up. She lives in Austin and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and three high energy pugs.

Please make a comment and next week I'll choose a winner at random at they'll receive a copy of Carmen's, " A vengeful Affair." Thanksxxxx


  1. Super-mega-congrats, Carmen :)Top 100 has GOT to be thrilling

  2. Wonderful, Carmen! Love the sound of your next stories too!

  3. Carmen, the story sounds fab! Love the ideas for your next stories too!

    1. Thank you Autumn! I told my editor my premise for one book and she said it was "fascinating". I just sent the partial, so now it's time to start nail biting. *Looks at her hands* Oh no!

  4. Congratulations Carmen. I love it when the leading character is a strong woman. Your leaving an inspiring legacy for you daughter and others. I look forward to future novels.


    1. Thank you Edith, for your kind words.
      I also love strong heroines.
      I like strong heroes, so the heroines have to be a perfect match. No doormats allowed! Ever :D
      Have a fabulous day! xx

  5. Hi Carmen,

    Congrats on your book, and it sounds so interesting; full of excitement. I would love to read it!!


    1. Thank you, Charm!
      I'm all about books filled with twists and turns :D
      Thank you for leaving a comment and good luck :)

  6. Way to go Carmen. That is a great accomplishment. Cant wait to get the opportunity to read it.

  7. I love to hear writing success stories, and I know there's a lot of hard work and smarts behind that. Congratulations!