Monday, August 27, 2012

Writing whilst on vacation...

This week I have felt inspired to put pen to paper whilst traveling on vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. I was very excited about this trip and as such gathered together some books in advance to give us an idea of what to expect when we arrived and so we could plan our weeks stay. With three kids between the ages of 7/14 we needed to have activities to satisfy all ages. I think we managed that and had a full and busy week. I would definitely go back there in a heart beat, with Busch gardens and Water country on the door step we managed to entertain the kids, tire them out and then squeeze in some interactive history at the historic triangle sites of Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg. The boys even had a full day Ocean fishing which they loved whilst I did a bit of retail therapy. Oh, and  I almost forgot I managed to write a couple of chapters for my new story , The Welsh Witch. Not sure how but I felt I needed to and so I did. I'm travelling again in a couple of days back home this time to Wales to visit my mum, so my blog maybe a bit hit or miss. Anyway, a small excerpt of my latest offering first draft and another WIP...

                                                                  The Welsh Witch

Splashing the crisp cool water over her face wakes her from the sleepy stupor that dominates her senses. Had she been drugged? That may account for the memory loss and the overwhelming fatigue. Damn, if only she could clearly remember. Standing now she gazed around. Okay, no matter what had happened she had to find some clothes, maybe food and more importantly come up with a plan. Her feet moved one in front of the other. Before she knew it she was furiously sprinting  through the forest, pushing the bushes away. Not pausing for breath , the sounds of screeching birds were ignored, she simply kept on running. Ella, could run twenty miles easily. Running was freedom. A lesson she had learnt early on. Ignoring the aching pains of her body she came outside of herself and to many it looked as if she was flying when she went into survival mode. Some time later her eyes narrowed on an  inconspicuous log cabin.

"Christ, what the fucking hell is going on down there?" Walter shouted down the phone. Marcus sighed, the shit had hit the proverbial fan in the last twelve hours and now his boss was cursing at him as if it was all his fault. Which in part it was but hell Walter took every opportunity to have a go, he'd never like the arrogant prick and the feeling seemed to be mutual. But he was a means to an end. Bring in the girl and the big promotion in Washington is yours. At least that's what he been led to believe. It was all he wanted. And now, shit, shit. "I'm sorry sir." He ran his hand through his unruly mop of dark curls. Truth was he didn't know what the hell had happened. "Jesus, one minute I was in the Seasons restaurant one table away from them. They were eating and chatting everything seemed fine. Then they headed back to her place. I followed them and waited. As I started to do a sweep around the grounds I sensed someone else was there, another agent maybe. I did a full perimeter search and nothing, so I let it go. There were shouts coming from inside, I crept closer and watched them through the window in the living room. Everything was going ballistic. The guy Aidan was really having a go yelling and then he smacked her right in the fucking face. Hell, I was going to go in and stop it all, but then I got knocked out."

His hand rubbed his head where a lump had formed and still ached. He should have trusted his senses for once they were spot on, he'd known something was off. Even telling his boss seemed somehow wrong. When he woken up he simply couldn't believe the scene. Aidan was dead with his head smashed in, there was blood splattered all over the wall and Ella was missing. He still couldn't quite see Ella as a murderer. The last thing he'd seen was her crashing to the floor, after Aidan's hand had walloped her across the face. It had made his blood boil.  "Well, you'd better fucking find out and quick. Head quarters are looking for blood. You were meant to bring her in last week. On your request I gave you that extra week, but the crazy bitch has now killed her lover. Jesus, this couldn't get any worse. Mark my words I'm not going down for this, do you understand?" There was a pause Marcus knew without doubt, had always known when push came to shove, he was on his own.
"Yes, sir loud and clear."

Marcus had a very clear picture of Ella Masters in his mind and bitch and murderer simply didn't fit. Could he have been so wrong? It wasn't that he fancied her she was definitely not his type. He usually went for the blonde's, whereas Ella had long indistinguishable brown hair, always swept backwards into a tight ponytail. Very much the school marm, not the sexy kitten look. No, she was definitely not his type. Even her eyes were a wishy washy blue or maybe green it was hard to be sure behind her large glasses that seemed too big for her small face. But her smile when she allowed anyone to see it was wicked and innocent all rolled into one. He remembered when he handed her her favourite skinny vanilla latte and he'd felt an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness flood him. Also, a strong need to protect and help had ruffled his feathers so much that he'd snatched his hand away and he'd refused to meet her eyes that he knew had been looking directly into his. His mother had once told him he had a gift for knowing people. He swore at the thought of his mother and a bitter taste rose up in his mouth of revulsion.


  1. Good luck Jen, I write narrative non-fiction but recognise that we need to encourage young adults to read!

  2. Thanks Pauline and good luck to you too. This particular story I wouldn't say is YA as both characters are older and because of the language. I'm experimenting...x

  3. Jen,

    I liked it. Good start to a good story.

    Gosh, have fun in Wales! I'd love to go to Britain one day and do them all (Wales, England, Scotland and throw Ireland in too), but I'll never have that kind of time or money either. Fun to dream though.